Sunrise's Sam Mac makes girlfriend cry with simple act: 'Oh no’

The weatherman has penned a love letter for Samuel Johnson's new book.

Sunrise star Sam Mac is known for sharing his personal life on social media, and he just revealed a tender moment where he brought his girlfriend Rebecca James to tears in seconds. The weatherman, who welcomed his daughter Margot last year, was approached by Molly star Samuel Johnson to pen a letter for his latest book Dear Lover.

Samuel’s latest book is made up from a collection of letters written by famous Aussie celebrities, following his previous books Dear Santa, Dear Dad and Dear Mum, with a portion of sales donated to help further cancer research. In Sam’s touching letter, he recalls how amazing Rebecca was during the birth of their baby girl.

Sunrise star Sam Mac's touching act made his girlfriend tear up. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta
Sunrise star Sam Mac's touching act made his girlfriend tear up. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Sharing a video of himself on Instagram reading the love letter out loud to Rebecca while lying on the grass, fans labelled his words as “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.

“My darling Rebecca, exactly one week ago I held your hand as you safely delivered our baby girl, Margot Grace McMillan,” he began.

All of a sudden, Rebecca interjects with a panicked “oh no”, as she starts to wipe away some tears.


“It’s the first sentence,” Sam laughs, before carrying on with the letter. “It was nothing like the births I’ve seen in movies, there was no gentle breathing, no butterflies on the windowsill, and it certainly wasn’t accompanied by the soothing sounds of Norah Jones.

“It was long, it was traumatic, it included two failed epidurals and it looked more like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” he remembered.

The television personality added that it seemed as if the couple could communicate using just their eyes in the delivery room, and that it felt like they were the only people present.

Sam said his stylist girlfriend was “calm, strong and determined” during the 12-hour labour. After seeing her push through intense pain and a tough labour, he added that he now has a “new appreciation” for his own mum, and all other mums in the world.

“You did it, we did it, and now I’ve got a lifetime to try and show you my immense gratitude,” he finished.

The pair shared a kiss before the camera cut to a deeply affected Rebecca, who tried to remove traces of tears from her swollen eyes.

He explained how he was approached by Samuel in his caption, adding that he was glad his daughter would be able to read it when she was older.

Sam Mac and Rebecca James with their daughter Margot
Sam and Rebecca welcomed their baby into the world in September 2022. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“I was asked by my great friend (& national treasure) @samueljjohnson78 to write a letter to my lover,” he wrote. “Samuel called me one week after I’d become a father. An intensely overwhelming & emotional time. The perfect time to put pen to paper (fingers to laptop).

“I’ve said most of these things to @rebeccajames_stylist in private, but it’s nice to have it in a book that our Margot can look back on one day,” he gushed.


The star praised Samuel for dedicating a portion of the profit towards cancer research, and encouraged fans to buy a copy of the book.

“Sending big love to anyone who has lost someone special to this insidious disease. & strength to those in the midst of a battle right now. We are all with you,” he finished.

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