Sunrise's Sam Mac shares bittersweet 2022 memory: 'Painful'

The TV star has reflected on his highs and lows of the year.

Sunrise star Sam Mac has shared a bittersweet post on social media reflecting on the highs and lows he experienced in 2022.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the TV weatherman posted a photo his partner Rebecca James had taken of him sitting on the couch with his eyes closed while their daughter Margot slept on his chest. In the background of the snap is a framed photo of his cat Coco, who passed away in April.

Sunrise's Sam Mac and his daughter Margot.
Sunrise’s Sam Mac has shared a bittersweet memory from 2022. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“2022 - A painful goodbye & a joyous hello,” he wrote in the caption.

“Shortly after Coco passed away in April this year I received a lovely note from a lady whose name I can’t even remember (sorry), but the sentiment really touched me… Bec & I were pregnant with Margot at the time & the message said: ‘Coco knows you’ve found your person, your people, she knows you are safe, you are loved & you are where you’re meant to be. She can now let go in peace’.

“Something about those words really struck a chord & stayed with me. Animal lovers get it.”


Sam went on to say that he thought the photo of himself and his daughter was “a nice full stop on 2022” heading into the New Year.

“Our precious Margot asleep in my arms & @lifeofmisscoco watching over us with her trademark RBF (Resting Bitch Face) no doubt, plotting her attack,” he described.

“Wishing everyone a wonderful 2023 & a special shout out to those who had to say goodbye to their special pet in 2022. I hope you raise a toast to them tonight & enjoy some happy memories.”

Sunrise's Sam Mac and his cat Coco.
Sam’s cat Coco passed away in April. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

'So precious'

Sam’s post was quickly flooded with messages of love and support from his followers, including his Sunrise colleague Matt Doran who called the sentiment “beautiful”.

“Oh my goodness, Sammy, my heart,” Sam Frost added. “This is so precious. Lots of love to your beautiful little family.”

“Beautiful post,” musician Amy Sheppard replied. “We lost our beloved family cat of 17 years. It was the hardest goodbye. They never leave your heart.”


“Lots of love to you Sam and your little family,” Home and Away’s Georgie Parker said. “Love to Miss Coco, she won’t miss those bloody fireworks tonight.”

The heartfelt post comes shortly after Sam celebrated his first Christmas with his daughter Margot and organised a “cruel” prank on his partner Rebecca. The Dancing with the Stars contestant surprised Bec with a “creepy” elf he had managed to sneak all the way from Sydney to Melbourne.

“Seriously? How the hell did this make it to Melbourne?” she remarked in disbelief as she found the toy in her gift on Christmas Day. “I think it needs to go back in the box.”

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