Sunrise’s Monique Wright embarrassed by throwback video: ‘I broke it’

Sunrise's Matt Doran surprised the host with the clip on Friday morning.

Sunrise fill-in host Monique Wright was left red-faced on Friday morning after co-host Matt Doran dug up an embarrassing video she made a decade ago. In the spirit of Christmas, he presented the video clip as a “gift for Australia”.

“This is going to be bad for me,” Monique quipped, before the Christmas video started playing. In the clip, Monique, Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur are shown lip-syncing and dancing to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.

Sunrise star Monique Wright and Matt Doran
Sunrise's Matt Doran surprised Monique Wright with an old video. Photo: Seven

While it starts off quite low-key and festive, Monique soon ramps up the energy and starts twerking on the Christmas tree. When she knocks it over, she tries to pick it back up with the help of Kylie, but ends up on the ground with the tree instead.


In a later clip, she is shown to be “straddling a reindeer”, which Matt finds bizarre.

“Mon, sorry, just talk us through — take it away. What was happening on that reindeer?” he asked Monique.

“We had the best day, there’s Larry Emdur, Casey Donovan sung it all, as you can see,” she recalled.

“The bad bit was, what happened to the tree, it actually broke the tree for the whole rest of the shoot. There were puppies and all sorts of things, and I broke the tree,” she admitted.

L: Monique Wright straddling a reindeer. R: Monique Wright twerking on a Christmas tree
The star was seen pulling out some interesting dance moves. Photo: Seven

“You affected the structural integrity of the tree, a source has told me. The feet were buckled, it took four people seven days to source it, this is your opportunity for an apology,” Matt replied.

Monique then explained her reasoning behind twerking with the Christmas tree and hopping on the reindeer.

“Well I was actually concerned that maybe us doing a Mariah Carey song it might look cheesy,” she began.

“So what can you do to make it not look cheesy? Well, you straddle a reindeer and you twerk on a tree! It was actually quite painful. And you break the Christmas tree, it turns out.”


A snap of Monique on the reindeer was then shown onscreen, causing the stars to burst into laughter.

Viewers loved the segment and many people begged Seven to keep Monique and Matt as permanent Sunrise hosts.

"Please bring these guys on every day, just love them, a breath of fresh air and so much laughter,"

"Matt & Mon you’re both a joy to watch, and love seeing Mylee doing the news! Dread seeing Nat & Kochie back!" a second agreed.

"Love it, the spirit of Christmas. Monique, you would be a lot of fun, keep it up," another added.

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