Sunrise host's warning to Michael Clarke after 'shameful' public brawl

Nat Barr suggested the cricketer may lose out on brand deals after video of his public fight went viral this week.

Sunrise host Natalie Barr has warned that Michael Clarke may lose out on sponsorship deals after video of his public fight with girlfriend Jade Yarbrough went viral this week.

Nat suggested the late-night brawl, which took place in Noosa earlier this month, may violate 'morality clauses' in contracts he might hold with brands. These clauses hold individuals to a certain standard of behaviour both publicly and privately and are usually included in the contracts of public figures such as athletes, actors and media personalities.

Sunrise host Nat Barr
Sunrise host Nat Barr has suggested Michael Clarke may lose brand deals after video of his 'shameful' public brawl went viral this week. Photo: Seven

Michael himself described his actions as "shameful and regrettable" in a statement to the Daily Telegraph.

During an interview with entertainment reporter Peter Ford on Friday, Nat pointed out that since he's no longer playing professional cricket, Michael essentially "promotes products for a living", and this scandal may affect any deals he has in place.

Peter shared that he didn't believe anyone would "immediately drop him", as many would understand it's "a personal issue".


"I don't know," Nat responded. "They have that clause in all our contacts, if you bring a brand into disrepute. And that's a bit rubbery."

Her co-host Matt Shirvington, however, suggested that perhaps Michael may avoid such consequences as "influencer deals" tend to be "simpler" and "campaign-driven" as opposed to more traditional longer-term media deals with stricter clauses.

Michael Clarke and Jade Yarbrough
Footage was obtained of the wild public altercation, showing Michael Clarke involved in an argument with his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, after she accused him of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards. Photo: Getty

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Michael has already lost a deal with a skincare brand after the video was released on Wednesday night, with reports other contracts are "hanging in the balance", including his six-figure commentary role for Australia's upcoming Test tour of India.

However, the cricketer will keep his job on Sky Sports Breakfast and is expected to address the video and fight when he returns to the airwaves on Monday.


The footage of the fight shows Michael fighting with his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, who accused him of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards on December 17 last year.

Jade is seen yelling at Michael and slapping him as he insists he didn't cheat on her, while her brother-in-law Karl Stefanovic and sister Jasmine Yarbrough try to calm the pair down. The expletive-laden video was shot in a park in Noosa on January 10, with the cricketer taking responsibility.

"I'm absolutely gutted I've put people I hold in the highest regard in this position. My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable," he told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday. "I am shattered that because of my actions I've drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation."

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