Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew makes shock discovery live on-air: 'No!'

The Brekky Central star made an 'awkward' mistake when naming her son.

Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew was left red-faced on Thursday after she made a surprise discovery live on-air. Natalie Barr was discussing a story about a man who had been “slammed” for wanting to name his baby after one of his ex-girlfriends.

Edwina jumped in after the segment and made a shock admission about her own personal life. The Channel Seven star revealed her young son Tom shares his name with one of her ex-boyfriends.

L: Natalie Barr on Sunrise looking shocked. R: Edwina Bartholomew speaking on Sunrise
Sunrise's Edwina Bartholomew dropped a bombshell live on-air. Photo: Seven

“Nat, I have just realised I have an ex-boyfriend called Tom, and my son is called Tom. That’s awkward,” Edwina said sheepishly, with Nat looking visibly stunned.

"No!" Nat exclaimed before Edwina said it was time to ‘move on quickly’ from the subject.

Edwina tied the knot with fellow journalist Neil Varcoe in 2018 and shares two children with him. Molly, 3, was born in 2019, and 1-year-old Thomas entered the world in March 2022.


Later in the show, Edwina joined David ‘Kochie’ Koch, Mark Beretta and Nat on the Sunrise couch to elaborate on her son's naming disaster.

“Does Neil know you had an ex called Tom?” Kochie asked.

Edwina Bartholomew and Neil Varcoe with their son Tom
Edwina and her husband Neil named their son Tom. Photo: Instagram/edwina_b

“No, Tom is also [Neil’s] best mate’s name, that’s why we chose it. However, honestly when you said it…this morning I was like, ‘Oh my god’, and even worse, it was the person I dated before Neil!” Edwina replied, before dissolving into a fit of laughter.

“So what a shocker that it didn’t even cross my mind until today,” she added.

Kochie then asked Edwina if she ‘regretted’ her naming choice after her strange discovery.

“It’s a bit late to change it. Tom, beautiful Tom just turned one yesterday, so I feel like that ship has sailed. Eek!” Edwina admitted.

Truth behind Nat Barr's mysterious Sunrise disappearance

This comes after Nat's mysterious disappearance from Sunrise was explained. Sunrise viewers were left surprised on Tuesday morning when Natalie Barr suddenly left the desk while co-host David 'Kochie' Koch was delivering the 8am news bulletin. When cameras returned to the hosts at 8:01am and the voiceover welcomed Kochie and Nat back, Monique was sitting in the co-host chair as though she'd been there the whole time.

Kochie teased that Nat was forced to leave the show for an "exclusive interview" and had to catch a flight.

Nat took to Instagram later on Tuesday to reveal she left the show to interview Olivia Newton-John's family following the Aussie icon's state memorial service on Sunday.


The host shared a photo of herself with Olivia's husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi, writing, "I’ve just sat down with Olivia Newton John’s daughter and husband for a really lovely chat. It’s an emotional interview but also a funny one. It seems Australia’s sweetheart had another wickedly funny side she rarely showed any of us."

During the interview, Chloe shared her desire to work as a "wellness warrior" after supporting her mother's health journey as she battled breast cancer.

"Seeing what people go through with cancer, there's no greater mission," she said. "She was just so courageous and woke up every day with a smile."

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