Studio 10's Sarah Harris on dealing with marriage breakdown: 'Lots of therapy'

Studio 10’s Sarah Harris has opened up about dealing with her marriage to Tom Ward ending in March, after seven years together.

In an interview with TV Week, the 39-year-old TV host said “it’s a process” going through a marriage breakdown.

Sarah Harris on Studio 10
Sarah Harris has opened up about dealing with the breakdown of her marriage. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Harris

When asked how she has dealt with the end of her marriage, Sarah said: "Lots of therapy. Seriously, talking stuff out really helps. Highly recommend it. I'm also getting better at mindfulness and just generally being more in the moment. It's a process. It helps to laugh too. Whether it be at a stupid meme or just the ridiculousness of life, a good cackle cures most things for me.

"I turned 40 in lockdown. The past couple of years have taught me that while you can't control what happens in life, you can control your reaction to it."


In March, Sarah released a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald, saying: “Tom and I are taking time apart, however we remain good friends and deeply committed to co-parenting our two beautiful boys.”

Sarah and Tom have two children together, Paul and Harry, and in May, she said they will always 'come first'.

Sarah Harris and Tom Ward in a selfie together
Sarah announced she was seperating from her husband of seven years in March. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Harris

She reflected on the fact that marriage breakups are not uncommon by any means, nor is co-parenting with a former partner.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Sarah said: "I am not the first woman to do this and I certainly won't be the last. You just have to be organised and everything has to run with military-like precision”.

Sarah went on to reveal the difficult emotional moments she's faced in the previous few months since parting ways with Tom.

"It is not to say that there aren't days where I get in the car and cry the whole way home and think, 'That was a waste of makeup,'" she said.

Sarah Harris and Tom Ward kissing
The former couple have two boys together. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Harris

Sarah and IT specialist Tom met on a night out in Paddington, before he got down on one knee at Balmoral Beach five years later and popped the question.

They married in 2014 at Sydney private boys’ high school Riverview, in the St Ignatius Chapel. They held their reception at the Royal Sydney Golf Club in Rose Bay.

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