Supermodel stuns fans in pink bikini at 57: 'You look 25!'

Supermodel Paulina Porizkov has shared some stunning photos from her latest holiday to Costa Rica, and fans can’t get over how good she looks for her age.

Paulina, 57, looked incredible in her hot pink bikini, showing off her toned figure on the beach with the sun setting behind her.

L: Paulina Porizkov smiling at the camera. R: Paulina in a hot pink bikini on the beach
Supermodel Paulina Porizkov showed off her toned figure in a pink bikini. Photo: Instagram/paulinaporizkov

“It’s been a wonderful week in Costa Rica, filled with sun, jungle, ocean, pool, long dinners, lots of books read, and of course, the antics of George the monkey,” she wrote on Instagram.

People couldn’t believe that the supermodel was 57 years old, with many commenting on how ‘beautiful’ and ‘incredible’ she is.

“You look 25! Stunning,” one wrote.

“Always stunning…can’t even see the background with that gorgeous beauty in the foreground,” another added.

“So happy that you are living your best life. You make me smile,” a third wrote.


Paulina’s holiday didn’t go off without a hitch, and she included a horrific story about an ant invasion on Instagram.

Alongside a video showing swarms of ants in her room, she wrote: “We also had some run-ins with the perhaps less fun, but still interesting parts of nature when my girlfriend’s room was invaded by the ‘cleaning ants’.

“They literally flooded her room, bed, luggage, in short, EVERYTHING, one morning. They carried out every speck of dead insects, and four hours later, they were gone as if they had never existed. I left them a tip in cash,” she joked.

L: Paulina in a bikini sitting on a couch. R: A swarm of ants on the ground
The model admitted that not everything went smoothly, and shared images from their ant infestation. Photo: Instagram/paulinaporizkov

Fans also saw the humour in Paulina’s ant saga, with some even sharing their own horror stories.

“I’ve had them invade my luggage in India. They ate my vitamins and the Godiva chocolates I bought as gifts. I learned my lesson LOL!” one told the supermodel.

“Sounds like you made several thousand little friends,” another quipped.

“So wait! You just let them do their thing and wait for them to finish? Nature is wild!” a third commented.

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