Spoilers: Home and Away character makes a surprise return

Justin Morgan is shocked when the unexpected visitor turns up.

This week on Home and Away, Justin Morgan’s (James Stewart) daughter Ava Gilbert (Annabel Wolfe) reappears in Summer Bay and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) are still reeling from the nightmare wedding car crash.

Ava was first introduced in 2016 alongside her father Justin, but hasn’t been seen since September 2020. While she was previously played by Grace Thomas in 2016 and Alice Roberts in 2019, this week will be the first time viewers see an older Ava played by Annabel Wolfe.

L: Justin Morgan on Home and Away. R: Leah Patterson with Ava Gilbert on Home and Away
Home and Away sees a new arrival this week, Justin's daughter Ava. Photo: Seven

Fans have been eagerly discussing her return, after snaps of her filming out on Palm Beach surfaced online in October 2022. Her arrival has sparked rumours amongst fans with many wondering if she is Theo Poulos’ (Matt Evans) mystery stalker.

Her arrival is unexpected, catching Justin off guard and putting him firmly back into father mode with the emotional teenager.


“I think this is what makes Ava and Justin’s storyline so relatable to many father-daughter relationships out there, and therefore beautiful to watch,” Annabel told TV Week.

“Until now, Ava has appeared on the show only as a ‘little girl’ or at a stage of pre-adolescence. Justin quickly realises how much she’s grown up in his absence - not only physically, but mentally.”

According to the publication, Ava had a falling out with her mother Nina Gilbert (Zoe Naylor) after she began chatting with a boy online.

An episode synopsis also hints that Ava has a crush on Theo, which will make things tricky to navigate alongside his serious relationship with Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson).

Justin Morgan holds Ava Gilbert
Justin's daughter isn't this small anymore. Photo: Seven

Felicity’s drinking problem reaches boiling point

Felicity has been increasingly unable to cope with the trauma that took place on her wedding day. After being trapped in a burning car and seeing her friend Eden in a coma, she has turned to alcohol.


Felicity Newman drinks alcohol from a red cup at a pool party
Felicity is on a path of self-destruction. Photo: Seven

When her fiancé Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) confronts her about the drinking problem, the fiery bride-to-be isn’t happy with his input. After Tane suggests she could address her issues in therapy, the Salt owner instantly snaps.

Instead of listening to her loved ones, she threatens to walk away from her home and her relationship.

Are Tane and Felicity doomed?

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