Home and Away's Sam Frost reveals if she will vaccinate her baby

The Bachelorette star is due to give birth in March.

Former Home and Away star Sam Frost endured heated backlash in October 2021 after posting an emotional video on Instagram about her views on the Covid-19 vaccination. At the time, the actress revealed she was unsure about getting vaccinated and called for people to stop criticising her.

Her teary video ended up sparking furious debate, with Sam swiftly deleting her Instagram account after Bachelor stars Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew weighed in on the issue. While the 33-year-old did ultimately decide to get the Covid-19 vaccination, she ended up leaving the soap abruptly in December 2021.

Home and Away's Sam Frost smiles for the camera
Home and Away's Sam Frost has opened up about her pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Now, the reality TV star is about to become a mum, and she has finally answered the burning question on everybody’s lips. In a chat with Stellar Magazine, Sam confirmed that her newborn would be getting vaccinated.

“I’ve had my whooping cough vaccine and of course I’m going to vaccinate my child,” she said. “It’s a no-brainer for me. I was a bit hesitant about the Covid vaccine because it was brand new.”

While fans were devastated to see Sam’s character, Jasmine Delaney, leave Summer Bay, the star believes it was the best move for her personal life.

Her exit ended up feeling quite sudden, as Sam was supposed to stay on the show for at least three more years.

“It was a scary time leaving my job, but when I think about where I was, compared to where I am now, it’s a complete transformation. I feel the happiest and most myself I’ve ever been,” she told the publication.


Since leaving the show, Sam has accepted a proposal from Survivor star Jordie Hansen, fallen pregnant, and started a podcast with her fiancé.

“When I left Home and Away, I was doing what was right for me. Now I’ve met my soulmate and I’m going to be mum. Had I not made that choice, this wouldn’t have happened,” she added.

Sam hints at a possible return to Summer Bay: ‘Miss it’

This comes after Sam addressed rumours about her potential return to the Aussie soap. In an Instagram Q&A, she revealed that most fan questions were about her reprising the role of Jasmine Delaney.

“I’m not even being dramatic when I say this, but I reckon about 85% of the questions were about Home and Away,” the Bachelorette star said.

“Lots of people asking if I’m coming back, saying they miss me, you know all this positive nice stuff about Home and Away which was really nice.”


L: Sam Frost cuddling with a dog while pregnant. R: Sam Frost showing off her baby belly.
Some fans theorised that Sam would return to Summer Bay after she gave birth. Photo: Instagram/samfrost

Sam then dropped a bombshell, saying she could see her character Jasmine Delaney coming back to the bay to “cause some drama” in the future. However, she doesn’t have any plans set in stone at this stage.

“To answer your question, never say never,” she told fans. “I don’t have anything planned at the moment, my focus is being a mum, growing a healthy child and that’s my priority at the moment.

“Who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe Jazzy will return one day, cause some drama. Run the beach a few times, do all the fun things,” Sam added.

She then reflected on how much she loved working on the soap, and admitted there are parts of her job that she really misses.

“I do miss the crew a lot, the crew were epic and I laughed a lot when I worked there so that was a lot of fun. So yeah, I dunno, maybe [I’ll come back] one day,” she said.

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