Sophie Monk's hilarious swipe at husband: 'Nailed it!'

The Love Island host looked incredible in her gold outfit.

Love Island host Sophie Monk has left fans in stitches after making a hilarious dig at her husband Joshua Gross. The Aussie star recreated Miley Cyrus’ Flowers music video, where the singer declares she doesn’t need a significant other to make her happy.

Dressed in a gold table runner as a makeshift crop top, and metallic, gold wrapping paper as a statement skirt, the star looked amazing in her parody. “When my husband asks me to unpack the dishwasher!!” she wrote on top of the clip, which showed her strutting through a park while lip-syncing.

L: Sophie Monk with her mouth open and dark sunglasses. R: Joshua Gross and Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk has sledged her husband on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk & joshuagross

Flicking her hair back before tying it up, the Aussie singer donned a pair of black śito shades as she turned on the attitude.

Miley’s latest single Flowers is rumoured to be about her past relationship with Liam Hemsworth, and fans believe the chorus is an interpolated version of Bruno Mars’ song When I Was Your Man. In the single, she sings about being able to ‘buy herself flowers’ and announces she can ‘hold her own hand’.


Sophie playfully warned her husband in the caption not to cross her, writing: “I can buy myself flowers Josh!”. Her followers adored her Instagram post, with the video being watched over 136,000 times.

L: Miley Cyrus in the Flowers music video. R: Sophie Monk in a gold dress and black sunglasses
Sophie recreated Miley's gold look from the Flowers music video. Photo: YouTube/mileycyrus & Instagram/sophiemonk

“Nailed it!” one wrote about her parody, while another added: “Absolute replica of the clip. Perfect.”

“You did it much better than Miley!” a third pointed out.

“You never fail in making people laugh,” another remarked.

“Oh my, if Josh has already stopped buying you flowers so early after you just got hitched I’d be wrapping him in that gold table runner and putting him in the naughty corner. FOREVER!” quipped a fan.


Others couldn’t believe that Sophie was dressed in random items she found in her house, with many saying it actually looked like a red carpet outfit.

“You are trying to look a bit silly, but still look stunning!!!” a fan gushed.

“Oh you’re just a gorgeous girl, you could wear toilet paper and rock it,” another added.

“The fact your table runner and wrapping paper looks like YSL though,” a third chimed in.

“Gosh she would look good in a brown paper bag,” remarked a fourth.

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