Sophie Monk stresses out in 'dramatic' bikini video: 'Struggle is real'

Love Island host Sophie Monk has shared a ‘dramatic’ video showing her dilemma while on holiday with her husband Joshua Gross.

The Aussie singer has been sharing videos from her time in Spain after filming Love Island, with her latest post sending fans into hysterics.

Two photos of Love Island host Sophie Monk in a baby blue bikini while holding frozen yellow cocktails
Love Island host Sophie Monk found herself in a stressful holiday situation. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk

Filmed by her husband, the former Bachelorette star initially looks relaxed as she lounges on a pool bed with a frozen cocktail in each hand.

Straight away, she tells her husband she ‘needs help’ because her drinks are going to ‘drip everywhere’.

Her husband films her and ignores her requests as she gets increasingly stressed.

“Please hold it, no please! This one’s about to go,” she exclaims, while holding a drink out to Joshua.


Sophie’s husband keeps filming her and refuses to take a drink, making fun of her ‘crisis’ and telling her to drink up quickly.

“Please hold it, I’m not joking. Please, I don’t know what to do,” she pleads. “Please, my wrist is getting sore. This wrist is weak. Babe hurry, hurry!!!” she says, before spilling part of her cocktail on the floor.

Two photos of Sophie Monk struggling to hold two frozen yellow cocktails while in a blue bikini
The star begged her husband for help due to her 'weak wrist'. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk

In the caption, she asked her followers: “Am I being dramatic? Or is this a serious situation? Seriously asking!”

Her celebrity pals were quick to chime in, with model Ellie Gonsalves saying it’s important to “save every last drop”.

“Deceased. He underestimated the stress on the wrist obviously,” The Bachelor star Brittany Hockley commented.

“Icey Crisis!” influencer Melissa Hoyer wrote, while Gogglebox couple Lee and Keith added a pair of laughing emojis.

Joshua Gross and Sophie Monk glammed up before an event
Sophie and Joshua tied the knot earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk

The video quickly racked up over 250,000 views, and Sophie’s fans assured her it was a stressful situation.

“Not being dramatic, I would have punched my husband after [he] took the drink off me,” a fan quipped.

“The stress is real! We can’t be losing that cocktail goodness by letting it melt all over the place,” a second added.

“Literally LOLing so hard. So funny. That was a true dilemma and the struggle is real,” another wrote.

“Hahaha I love the growl in your voice in the last ‘hurry’ — like this isn’t funny anymore TAKE IT!” a fourth remarked.

However, one fan pointed out that there was a table right next to the Beauty and the Geek host.

“Was the table on your left too far away?” the fan asked.

“I honestly didn’t even think of that as an option,” the star admitted sheepishly.

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