Detail in Sophie Monk's balloon 'hack' alarms fans: 'Oh boy'

Love Island host Sophie Monk has shared a "genius" balloon hack while celebrating her 43rd birthday. The Aussie star was decorating her house for a celebration when she demonstrated how to make regular balloons look fancier.

By using a strip of tape, she stuck a row of pink balloons to her ceiling, giving the illusion that they were helium balloons floating in the air.

L: Sophie Monk holding a pink balloon. R: Sophie Monk sticking a pink balloon to the ceiling
Sophie Monk has just shared a 'hack' that can make life harder. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk

“Who needs helium balloons? A bit of tape, and voila. Genius,” she told the camera, as she stuck another balloon to the roof.

The star looks happy with the result, before sheepishly admitting that it was her husband Joshua Gross who came up with the idea.


However, her comment section was quickly flooded by people warning her against the ‘hack’, with many saying they had tried it before with disastrous results.

“Aghhh we did this for an underwater theme with balloons and streamers when my son turned four. The only solution in the end was to repaint the entire ceiling. Those marks don’t come off with ANYTHING,” one person told her.

“Seems like a good idea at the time but be prepared to repaint your ceiling! Even the removable tape has taken paint off my ceiling,” added a second.

“What a great idea and it looks amazing, incredible, very beautiful. But oh boy, you will have to repaint your ceiling, wish you luck,” another remarked.

L: Sophie Monk holding a pink balloon. R: Sophie Monk standing under a bunch of pink balloons taped to the ceiling
The star looked pleased with her handiwork. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk

Others gave the singer some helpful suggestions for her next big bash.

“Use balloon dots that’s what they are made for lol. Cost about $5 for 100,” a fan pointed out.

“Run the balloons on your head…create static. Better than painting the ceiling! Give it a go!” a second commented.

“Would blue tac work instead of tape?” a third asked.

Joshua Gross, Sophie Monk and their dog outside
The Aussie singer also shared this sweet snap from her birthday party. Photo: Instagram/sophiemonk


A few fans also pointed out that having the balloons all hung in the exact same position created an X-rated look.

“Cute. Does look like a bunch of boobs hanging down from the ceiling. But still party vibes,” quipped a fan.

“I don’t know why but they look like breasts hanging from the ceiling, why am I not surprised that a guy thought this up?” another added.

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