Big Brother viewers lose it over Sonia Kruger's 'stunning' catsuit look

Sonia Kruger stunned both the stars of Big Brother VIP and the viewers on Monday night when she appeared on screen wearing a red snakeskin patterned catsuit.

The 56-year-old looked incredible in the skin-tight outfit, surprising the contestants when she appeared onscreen.

Sonia Kruger catsuit
The Big Brother stars and viewers alike lost it over Sonia Kruger's red catsuit on Monday night's episode of the show. Photo: Seven

"Oh, whoa! Nice outfit!" Josh Carroll yelled at the screen.

"Whoa! Holy moly!" Ellie Gonsalves screamed while Imogen Anthony added, "That's amazing!"


Luke Toki, meanwhile, seemed at a loss for words.

On Twitter, fans shared their thoughts with one user writing, "@SoniaKruger that 'fit it off the chain."

"Wow! @SoniaKruger channelling Spiderman tonight!" another added.

The Big Brother VIP stars were left shocked by the outfit. Photo: Seven
The Big Brother VIP stars were left shocked by the outfit. Photo: Seven

"How stunning was @SoniaKruger?" a third wrote.

Fans often questioned how Sonia looks so incredible all the time, with many calling her "ageless".

"OMG! Do you actually age Ms. Kruger?" one fan questioned on Instagram.

"Please tell me where you have found the fountain of youth?" another asked.

Earlier this year, Sonia spoke with The Courier Mail about how she maintains her incredible figure.

Unsurprisingly, Sonia revealed she eats veggies, salads and protein and has the occasional treat with the star saying it's important to have everything in moderation and consume nutritious foods.

Sonia Kruger minidress
Sonia is known by fans to be "ageless" with many asking for her secrets. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger
Sonia Kruger bikini
Sonia has previously revealed she does strength training and eats very well. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

Speaking of exercise, Sonia says she enjoys working out at home in the morning, "Then you're done and you've got it out of the way and you don't have to worry about going to the gym and being seen by people in public."

She added that while she's not a fan of exercise she likes the way she feels afterwards.

Sonia shared last year that she was training with celebrity PT Dan Adair twice a week.

"Things like pull-downs, push-ups [and] pull-ups are all go-to moves," she told Now To Love. "The good thing with resistance training is that people always say to you as you get older you really need to do it – and it's not just women, it's men too because of things like osteoarthritis."

The presenter also loves dance and music-based workouts, which she used to create her website Strictly You, which aims to make exercise fun.

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