Brides turn to budget retailer Shein for their big day, but is it worth the risk?

Here's what you need to know about wedding shopping at budget online retailers.

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavour. From the dress to the invitations, everything can quickly add up. Throw the current cost of living crisis into the mix, and more brides are turning to budget-savvy solutions for their big day.

Aussie bride Liv Wilson says she turned to affordable online shopping site Shein to find her dream dress when planning her wedding overseas. She says she found exactly what she was after for less than $100.

Thinking about life after her wedding, Liv tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she didn’t want to spend unnecessary money on a dress she would wear just for her big day.

Shein Wedding
Liv says her white V-neck gown with contrasting lace was a fraction of the price of similar wedding dresses costing less than $100. Photo: Supplied

“My fiancé and I were in a long-distance relationship. I was in Australia, and he was in the US. I was making the move to the US and wanted to minimise costs on things that weren’t massively important to me,” Liv, who is originally from Brisbane, explains.

“The dress was one of those things that I didn’t personally feel the need to splurge on.”

Was it worth it?

Even though she didn't fork out thousands on a wedding dress, the gown she eventually chose rivalled the elegance of a designer label.

Taking a chance, she ordered an $88 gown she had never seen or tried on before - the Contrast Lace Tie Back Mermaid Hem Wedding Dress. And although she had no idea what would arrive, Liv says she was “100 per cent happy” with her decision.

“It was perfect! The quality was ten times better than I expected. For the price, you really couldn’t ask for more,” she says.

Shein Wedding
Aussie bride Liv says she was blown away by the quality of her $88 wedding dress. Photo: Supplied/Shein

“The lace and detailing were delicate and looked like it came from a designer store!

“Someone made a comment at my reception about how expensive the dress looked and how the tailor had done such a great job fitting it to my body! No expensive tailor, no expensive dress, just Shein!”

So would she recommend other brides do it too? Without hesitation, she says she absolutely would.


“I think looking for budget luxuries is a great way to minimise costs in areas that are typically large money grabs,” she explains.

“Everyone values the different parts of their wedding differently, but I wanted to feel beautiful without worrying about paying off a $30,000 dress that I’ll never wear again!”

It’s a growing trend

It seems Liv isn’t the only one taking a chance on budget online retailers. Several other brides have taken to TikTok to share their bridal hauls from both Shein and rival budget online retailer Temu.

“My entire wage is going to Temu at this point,” TikToker Felicity said. The bride-to-be, who is planning on getting married in 2025, recently posted a video on her Temu “wedding haul”, which included pearl and lace table runners, love heart LED string lights and adhesive pearls.

Fellow brides commented on the haul, saying they, too, had turned to Temu for their wedding decor, accessories and outfits.

“90% of our wedding was from Temu, and it was so affordable and beautiful!” one person shared.

Temu wedding haul
One bride made eight wedding bouquets using flowers from Shein, while another purchased all of the decorations for her reception. Photo: TikTok/@neghabs, TikTok/@felicityslater

“All my flowers came from Temu! I made centrepieces, bridesmaid bouquets, and my arch! I also got my Mr and Mrs sign for the table. It came out perfect,” shared another.

Meanwhile, other brides shared they had purchased lingerie, a veil, garter & hairpiece for a super affordable price, as well as flower girl dresses for under $20.


For any other brides thinking about taking a gamble on ordering wedding dresses, decor or shoes from an online budget retailer, Liv has one top tip - look around before you commit.

“Looking for inspiration on Pinterest or in local bridal stores is a great start, and then searching on Shein for items that can replicate that at a fraction of the price is really rewarding,” she says.

“If you can confidently say that you won’t regret having a ‘cheap’ dress or ‘cheap’ shoes, then I say go for it!”

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