Shoppers flabbergasted after seeing Gucci wallets for sale at Big W: 'Is this real?'

Big W is now selling designer items, here's everything you need to know.

Big W shoppers are losing their minds after spotting a luxury designer wallet on the store’s website.

While the Aussie retailer is known for their bargain buys, shoppers couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing several different Gucci wallet designs available for sale on their website.

Across the site, the different wallets ranged in price from $795 to $949 - a far cry from the usual budget-friendly fashion items found in store.

One shopper shared the find with others after stumbling across the designer item online.

“Big W now sells a limited range of Gucci leather goods,” they excitedly shared starting a huge social-media conversation with many asking how it was possible.

Big W website screenshots showing Gucci wallets.
Shoppers were surprised to find that Big W is now selling Gucci wallets. Source: Big W

“Are they authentic?” one person questioned, while another said: "Is this actually real?”

“Where’d you get your Gucci bag? Big W,” one person joked.

Others said it looked ”dodgy” and could easily be a scam due to the reduced price and odd product choice on the website.

“Must admit I saw this the other day and my SCAM radar went into overdrive,” another added.

However, upon closer inspection, it was found that the designer wallets were actually being sold by Big W’s trusted third-party site, Duke Living/MyDeal.

Amongst the best finds were the Gucci Women's Bifold Interlocking GG Leather Long Wallet and the Gucci Women's Soho Small Leather Zip Wallet.


The store is also now selling luxury fragrances through their third-party site via the Big W Market, including Gucci Guilty 50ml Eau de Toilette by Gucci for Women for $135. The Big W Market is an online market that has select sellers who sell their products via the Big W website.

Big W website screenshot of Gucci wallet.
This Gucci wallet is selling for $949 on the Big W website. Source: Big W

So what's the catch? These designer products are only available online and are not able to be picked up in stores.

Plenty of other shoppers said they had also recently spotted other designer items on the Big W website including Crocs, Tommy Hilfiger and Pierre Cardin.

“Big W has been selling Hilfiger and Pierre Cardin for a while. All online of course,” one person confirmed.

“Great price! Costco occasionally sells designer things too,” added another.

Another designer find included Michael Korrs wallets and bags for as little as $199. The heavily discounted range included some bags for $150 less than the Michael Kors website, including the Jet Set Charm Small Pebbled Leather Pochette which usually costs $389 but was on the Big W site for $239.

Screenshot of Big W website selling Michael Kors bags.
The Aussie retailer is also selling Michael Kors bags. Source: Big W

But so far, the Gucci wallets have proved to be the most popular choice with shoppers saying many of the wallets had already sold out across the site.

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Big W for a comment on selling the Gucci designer items however, they declined to comment.

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