Mum's Kmart camera hack sparks fiery debate: 'Incredibly sad'

Parenting while trying to get all your daily chores done can be hard, which is why one mum shared her idea of using a Kmart phone mount to settle her baby.

"Just sharing this $5 phone mount we found from Kmart today," the mum wrote in a group for Kmart fans on Facebook.

"Super handy when bub starts to fuss. Just play bub's fave show and peace be with you. Suitable for 10" screen," she added.

A mum's post on Facebook about using a Kmart phone holder for her baby
A mum divided opinion after sharing her Kmart hack for quieting her fussing baby. Photo: Facebook

Other tired mums thought it was a fabulous idea.

"Great hack," one wrote.

"Lifesaver for my fussy Bub!" another added, while a third wrote, "I saw a lady with this the other day! I thought how clever!"

Another admitted that she had also found this very useful when her child wouldn't settle.


"Mate this is a game changer. I've had one for a while. Although I do minimal screen time with bub it saved my life when she was sick the other day in the car and I needed to distract her and keep her looking up instead of reading," the woman commented. "Best $5 ever spent. Love mine."

A screenshot of a tablet and phone mount on the Kmart website
The Kmart tablet and phone mount is a bargain at $5. Photo: Facebook/Kmart

Though she added, "We got sooo many looks and comments - good and bad. Kept our baby quiet and entertained while we got to have a 5 minute adult conversation or eat our dinner, so did not bother me."

Screen time frowned upon

Some people in the group were less impressed with the hack and voiced their concern about parents relying on screens to distract their children.

"I find this incredibly sad. If bub is fussy... they need something. Not a screen. Just my thoughts," one lady shared in opposition to the idea.

"I agree," another lady commented. "You're not catering to their emotional needs by shoving a screen in their face. They need that face-to-face interaction."

Other mums in the group were quick to come to the original author's defence.

"Nobody is saying to ignore your child's needs. If all else fails, try the damn screen. If it wins, it wins. Babies get bored too," one mum wrote.

Another woman addressed the author with words of support.

"Turn comments off, protect yourself from judgement and nasty adults who are not being mature enough to see the post for the intention - sharing a hack."

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