The $10 Kmart Christmas candle shoppers can't get enough of: 'Divine'

It may be only September, but Kmart shoppers are already going wild for the discount department store's Christmas cookie scented candles, which have recently turned up in store.

While the scent comes in a few different shaped candles, it's the sprinkles-coated version that people are loving this festive season, but if you want one, you'll have to be quick.

The candle, which is not available online yet, is getting so much love online that people are already stocking up on them.

The $10 Kmart Christmas cookie candle decorated with hundreds and thousands
The $10 Kmart candle not only looks pretty but smells delicious too! Photo: Facebook

"Found this candle during my rounds this morning.

"It smells absolutely delicious and I had to buy it!

"My 3.5-year-old loves touching it," one mum said in a Kmart group on Facebook sharing a photo of the candle.

Other members of the group were chuffed on the candle too.

"Yum! This looks cute and I bet it smells amazing.

"I’m so excited that Christmas is hitting the shops already haha," someone replied.

"I bought it too!! It was too beautifully smelled I couldn’t resist," another wrote.


Others revealed they'd already discovered the festive scent and were repeat purchasers.

"I buy this scent every year! It's divine," one lady commented.

"Oh this is my absolute fave! I always stock up because it smells soooo damn good!" another added.

With so many people interested in getting the candle before Chrissy, some members let the group know that the same scent was also available in other products.

"There's another without sprinkles in a red glass jar too (same scent -in box)" one person wrote helpfully, while another added: "They sell this scent in an essential oil and I have sworn by it for years!!! Soooo good."

Everyone agreed that you'll have to be quick if you want to get in on this latest trend.

"Went to my local today and this one was already sold out so got the red one in the same smell," one woman shared.

"Sold out within an hour at work!" a Kmart worker told the group.

"But we will get more! I’ll let you ladies know!" she added.

It wasn't just on Facebook that people were raving about the fragrance either.

"I saw this on TikTok and grabbed it instantly.

"The scent is yummy but I love the jar," one person wrote on the group.

In fact, the most watched TikTok video about the candle was put up by Kmart worker Gabby.

"This candle is the most delicious thing I've smelt in my life," she says in the video.

"Highly recommend," she adds.

The video had already been watched over half a million times in just four days so you know the drill... run, don't walk.

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