Secret behind Kmart shoppers' obsession with $30 mop: 'Best thing I've bought'

Kmart shoppers are loving this mop, but they're not using it on the floor.

Kmart shoppers are going wild for the store’s 3-in-1 mop and bucket set, but they’re not using it in the way you think.

One customer recently raved about the $30 mop set that comes with a flat mop head and a three-chamber separation bucket.

Kmart store
Kmart shoppers are loving the store's $30 mop. Photo: Getty Images

The key feature of the set is that it separates the “clean and dirty water, allowing it to effectively rinse and wring the mop” according to the Kmart website.

Taking to a Facebook cleaning group, one mum posted about the mop stating that she doesn't “usually do reviews” but this one had left her impressed.


“I bought the kmart 3 in1 mop & bucket set because I wanted a bucket that separated clean and dirty water and easy to use. For $30 I love it,” she wrote.

Kmart 3 in 1 mop
The Kmart 3-in-1 mop system is being dubbed "great value" with shoppers recommending it to friends and family. Source: Kmart

She went on to post pictures of the mop in action including the separate clean and dirty water compartments and how clean the mop is after wringing it out.

Hundreds of people commented agreeing with her that the mop set was “amazing”, especially for the price, with one person commenting that they “love, love, love,” the Kmart mop.

“I bought it as well & I’m very happy with it,” another Kmart shopper agreed. Meanwhile, on the Kmart website, the mop has received a 4.6-star rating with it being described as “Amazing! One of the best things I have bought! Better than an old fashion flop mop head!”

It's not just for floors

But others soon shared it’s not just useful for cleaning the floor - it’s even better to use to clean walls.

Dozens of people revealed their hack for using the mop and bucket system to clean their walls from a ”build-up of dust” which easily comes off thanks to its unique design.

Kmart 3 in 1 mop
Showing how it works, one happy shopper shared pictures of the bucket system and the half wringed out mop. Source: Facebook

“Wait, so many comments saying to mop the walls? Is this a thing I should be doing?!” One confused person wrote in response.

The secret is to go over the walls first with a dry mop to remove any loose dust and then clean the walls using a wet mop and Sugar Soap or Tricleanium all-purpose cleaner.

The separate compartment bucket seemingly makes it the perfect choice for walls, because the dirty water isn’t used at all.

“I use this mop on my walls - it's amazing and it doesn't take me long at all,” one person raved.


“I was looking for something to clean my walls with and this was just perfect. No mess, no fuss, and the mop head swivels made it so much easier than cleaning the walls by hand. Works great for mopping too,” another review read on the Kmart website.

Meanwhile, a third person revealed they even use it on their windows and doors saying it works “great” especially on “large sliding glass doors, inside and out”.

Kmart 3 in 1 mop
The bucket has been designed with three-chamber separation technology. Source: Kmart

'Great value for money'

Despite the functional cleaning advantages, the real drawcard was the price with shoppers saying it was an affordable alternative.

“It's like many items, cleaning or whatever, we don't always have to pay big bucks on “well known” brands to get great results....sometimes better with the cheaper alternatives that's for sure,” an impressed customer offered.

It seems customers are loving the positive reviews with many saying the functional mop system is quickly flying off the shelves.

“I just went on my lunch break from work and bought one. Not many left I counted 10 on the shelf,” one person chimed in.

Looks like you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on this bargain buy, before they’re all sold out!

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