Kmart shopper stuns with $2 shoe hack: 'Best idea ever'

If you have a favourite pair of shoes, here's how to get more for a fraction of the cost.

Ever found a pair of shoes that you absolutely love but don't want to fork out the money for multiple pairs?

One woman has come up with a budget-friendly and super simple way to replicate her favourite pair of shoes in different colours, with a little help from Kmart.

Sharing her idea on Facebook, the woman said she thought of the idea while trying to accommodate her size 11 feet, saying it's very difficult to find both fashionable and comfortable shoes in her size.

Target shoe before being painted with Kmart paints
Taking her favourite pair of $35 Target shoes, the shopper gave them a glow-up with $2 Kmart paints. Photo: Target

"I always struggle to get comfy, fashionable and colourful shoes for my size 11 feet, that don't cost an arm and a leg," she wrote.

"I found a shoe from Target and bought acrylic paint from Kmart and now I have six colourful pairs - plus I kept one in its original nude colour. Happy days."


Showing off her colourful new collection of shoes, the clever shopper used the $2 acrylic paint available in Kmart's craft section on the $35 pair of Target shoes.

'Love this idea'

Fellow size 11 shoe wearers described the hack as "genius", with hundreds of women showering praise on the clever shopper's idea.

"I LOVE this! I also have size 11 feet and struggle so much to find nice shoes too!" one person commented. "Love this idea. I'm a size 11-12 and never can find shoes," wrote a second.

"That has to be the best idea ever," a third person wrote, while another added, “OMG love it. Love them. Love you for thinking outside the box."

Target shoes painted with Kmart paint
The clever woman now has shoes to go with a variety of outfits. Photo: Facebook

What if it rains?

While there was plenty of praise for the hack, some people wondered if the paint job was sealed to prevent it running if the author of the post stepped in a puddle or got stuck in the rain.

The woman responded that she hasn't had any problems with her new footwear: "I have put a sealer on them, but one pair got wet last week and there were no issues. At only $2 a tube I can touch up."

Decorated high heel shoes
Another creative shoe fan shared her upcycling skills, revealing these shoes were white before she decorated them. Photo: Facebook

The post was also met with comments from dozens of others who said they redesign their own shoes all the time using nail polish, fabric paint and wood glue.

"Spotlight sells a fabric mix paint you can throw into any normal acrylic paint. I'd highly recommend that! It works and it can go through the wash too," one person suggested, while another said gloss water sealer Mod Podge was the best way to protect painted shoes.

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