Kmart $19 space-saver shoppers are rushing to get their hands on: 'Need this'

Shoppers are flocking to the store to snap-up the practical solution for organising wardrobe space.

Kmart enthusiasts are rushing to the retailer in search of a highly sought-after space-saver item now priced at just $19.

The pant rack, originally priced at $36, has been reduced to almost half price on clearance and can accommodate at least 12 pairs of jeans. A social media user snapped a pic of the rack in action in her own wardrobe and shared the image in a popular Facebook group dedicated to budget home decor hacks, creating a wave of excitement among eager shoppers.

Kmart Wire pants rack in cupboard
"I'm in love with the pant rack at Kmart" shared the original poster. Photo: Facebook/Target, Kmart & BIG W (All Australia Stores) Inspired, Decor & Hacks

The comments section beneath the post quickly lit up with enthusiastic responses.

"Omg what! I need this in my life," exclaimed one person, while another chimed in with excitement, stating, "Literally at Kmart now!"


One shopper jokingly remarked, "Well, this will now be sold out," accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

Kmart pants rack store image and in box in store
Kmart describes the item as easy to assemble and an ideal way to store and organise your bottoms. Photos: Kmart/Facebook

The post racked up over 1.5K likes and nearly 300 comments, with the item receiving praise for its space-saving capabilities.

"When you have an excess amount of pants" someone laughed.

"This is GENIUS," one person wrote, while another chimed in "what a great idea!"

Others expressed astonishment saying they "Never knew any such amazing thing existed" and "OMG, I love this."

Customers raise questions about practicality

However, not everyone was convinced by the garment rack. One person shared their perspective, expressing concerns about the practicality of getting jeans through the gaps, comparing it to hanging clothes on a clothes airer.

"That would do my head in," the group member wrote.

Another person raised a question about the ease of accessing pants in the middle of the rack, prompting another member of the group to explain the mechanism of the item, stating "each wire row sits on the side poles with hooks, so they actually lift off when needed."

Other group members shared their own hacks for organising pants in their wardrobe. Photo: Facebook/Target, Kmart & BIG W (All Australia Store ) Inspired, Decor & Hacks
Other group members shared their own hacks for organising pants in their wardrobe. Photo: Facebook/Target, Kmart & BIG W (All Australia Store ) Inspired, Decor & Hacks

Other wardrobe space saving techniques

Members of the group also contributed their own creative hacks for hanging jeans.

One member shared their innovative use of shower hooks in their own wardrobe, stating, "I got clever on the shower hook hack for jeans" and even provided an image of their space-saving technique. They mentioned finding the shower hooks at an op shop but noted that they can also be found at Kmart. Another user shared their use of multi-rack hangers specifically designed for jeans.

Several group members also pointed out the versatility of the pants rack, suggesting it could be useful during the winter months for hanging scarves.

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