Kmart $15 food hack stuns shoppers: 'This is brilliant'

A simple veggie container could extend the lifespan of your bread

A simple Kmart hack is taking social media by storm, providing a practical solution to prolong the freshness of bread, while also saving money, at a time Aussies are feeling the pinch.

The ingenious method was shared in a popular Facebook group dedicated to sharing Kmart hacks and decor, with a resourceful group member posting a photo of a $15 Kmart fridge container she has repurposed to store loaves of bread.

Kmart container used to store bread
The woman said she stores the bread container on her bench top. Photo: Facebook/Kmart hacks & decor

The woman shared her success story with the group, expressing how the vegetable container had significantly extended the lifespan of her bread. "Since using the veggie container for my bread it keeps twice as long," she wrote, "anything to save money these days."

The innovative approach sparked a flood of responses from the group, with many keen to buy the item themselves, considering it a more affordable option compared to the Tupperware bread keeper which retails for $59.95, and —according to some group members—is often hard to get.


"What a great idea, I'm sick of having to throw bread away because it is mouldy," wrote one person, while another eagerly chimed in, "Omg yes! I need this."

"I've been using mine like this for 2 years. I thought that's what it was for," laughed a third.

With its adjustable air vent for optimal airflow, the versatile storage container is intended to keep refrigerated food fresher for longer.

Intrigued by the woman's clever repurposing of the container for her bread, curious group members sought her advice on how to achieve the same results. She readily shared her secret: keeping the vents closed to extend the freshness of the bread.

The 6L Fridge Container from Kmart is designed for storing leftover food. Photo: Kmart
The $15 fridge container from Kmart is designed for storing leftover food. Photo: Kmart

"Wow..they are fab for fruit and veg but never thought about bread!" One group member wrote, before another person added, "This is brilliant".

Someone else shared their own experience, highlighting another advantage of using the container for bread storage. "Easier to wash than the metal bread tin I have which can get mould in the joint cracks!"

Another participant in the group shared their own clever application of the container by using it to store bread while camping, preventing it from being squashed.

Several members of the group contributed other suggestions, proposing refrigerating or freezing bread as alternative methods to extend its freshness.

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