SAS Australia's Abbey Holmes' chilling near-death experience caught on camera

An unfortunate mistake nearly sent the AFL star plummeting from a cliff face.

SAS Australia star Abbey Holmes received the fright of her life after a challenge on the show nearly ended in disaster.

The former AFL star was teamed up with rugby player Mahalia Murphy in the ultimate test of trust, with Abbey having to face her fear of heights on the side of a cliff as Mahalia acted as the "brakeman" from the ground.

The challenge involved Abbey having to let herself fall backwards as Mahalia held the rope and guided her back to safety.

"If the brakeman gets it wrong, you’re dead,” SAS Australia Chief Instructor Ant Middleton said going into the challenge, as Abbey asserted that she had trust in Mahalia.

On the ground, DS Jay was guiding Mahalia through the challenge, questioning whether her grip on the rope was tight enough.

SAS Australia's Abbey Holmes
SAS Australia's Abbey Holmes had a terrifying challenge experience. Photo: Seven


As the challenge commenced, things went wrong as Abbey fell backwards off the cliff, with footage showing Mahalia's seemingly slack grip on the rope.

With Abbey screaming as it looked as she headed for free fall, DS Jay was left to take control of the rope from Mahalia and steer Abbey safely to the ground.

It resulted in a rattled Abbey joining Mahalia and DS Jay again, while DS Jay gave Mahalia a spray.

"[You] didn't have f***ing hold of the f***ing rope, did you?" DS Jay yelled.

"Look at her, she put her f***ing trust in you," he said, pointing to Abbey who tried to tell Mahalia it was "OK".

Mahalia Murphy on SAS Australia
Mahalia Murphy was devastated by her blunder. Photo: Seven

A devastated Mahalia said she was disappointed in herself, noting that she doesn't like failure.

Ant Middleton approached her after the challenge, telling her despite the scare of the failed challenge, it was time to move on.

“Crack on and get on with things,” he said.

“You’re one of my toughest members on this f***ing course. F***ing swallow it up, hold yourself f***ing accountable, which you have done. You know where to go from here.”

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