SAS Australia: Stephanie Rice breaks down after shock decision

The former Olympian was left in tears when Ant Middleton handed down a final decision.

Former Olympian Stephanie Rice broke down in tears after Ant Middleton sent her home on last night's episode of SAS Australia.

The three-time gold medalist dislocated her shoulder while handling a live grenade in a challenge. Despite the injury, she wanted to continue on the show but it came to a head last night when SAS Australia Chief Inspector Ant told her she'd be heading home to avoid injuring herself further.

"Yesterday you proved to me and the rest of the DS that you want to be here, you want to push through which is nothing but commendable," Ant said.

"But you're at risk of really really damaging yourself. I don't want that for you. It's with an extremely heavy heart that I'm going to have to take you off this course."

Stephanie Rice Ant Middleton
Stephanie Rice breaks down after being kicked off SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

This resulted in Stephanie getting emotional, as she explained it reminded her of what happened in the 2012 Olympics.


"This is exactly what happened to me before at the Olympics, so it's so frustrating," the star said.

Stephanie Rice 'struggled' post swimming career

The swimming champ had previously opened up on SAS Australia about how she struggled when her swimming career came to an end.

“I really struggled. I felt really lost after I finished swimming. I didn't feel like I had any purpose or any direction and I didn't feel like anybody understood,” she told Ant Middleton.

SAS Australia's Stephanie Rice
SAS Australia's Stephanie Rice. Photo: Seven/

She also opened up about the disappointment of the 2012 London Olympics.


“Eight months out of the London Olympics, I tore the tendons in my shoulder,” she said. "I remember sitting down with a physio and he said that I would need surgery to recover it.

“My goal was to compete at the London Olympics, whether I had a torn tendon in my shoulder or not. I was not going to miss that opportunity. I trained through pain every single day.

“When I think about failure, I would think about the London Olympics. Everything went wrong. I got injured, I got sick. I needed a break to step away from swimming. Things didn’t align the way I knew they could have."

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