SAS Australia: Anthony Mundine's surprising move after losing fight with Tim Robards

The former boxing champ talked a big game, but was left hanging.

Boxing champion Anthony Mundine got more than he bargained for when he faced up to former Bachelor Tim Robards in an SAS: Australia battle last night.

The two stars fronted up in a challenge that saw them face off in a one-on-one fight on a narrow bridge that was suspended above a ravine.

Attached to bungy cords, the first person to force the other person off the bridge was named the winner.

Anthony talked a big game heading into the challenge, not taking Tim as a serious competitor and saying it would be "easy work" to defeat the Bachelor star.

Tim Robards and Anthony Mundine on SAS Australia
Tim Robards and Anthony Mundine face off on SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

“As a fighter, it’s kill or be killed,” Anthony said.

“And I’m ‘The Man’. It’s going to be easy work," he continued, referencing his public nickname.


During the challenge, Tim managed to tackle Anthony early on which made him lose his balance and fall over the side of the bridge. Though he tried to regain his footing by holding onto Tim's ankle, Tim managed to kick him free, winning the challenge.

SAS Australia Chief Inspector Ant Middleton then had a go at Anthony for losing the fight, saying he was left 'dangling like a prick' and 'right now, you're f***ing dead'.

Tim Robards defeats Anthony Mundine SAS Australia
Tim Robards defeats Anthony Mundine on SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

Unable to cope with the loss, Anthony said the results would have been different in a boxing ring and decided to quit the show, telling the other SAS competitors he was leaving for 'family' reasons.

“I’m tired. I don’t know if I can do it any more,” he said. “I’ve finished my time, man.”

But it was Anthony's mother that talked him back into the competition. After the boxing champ had a heart-to-heart with his mum, he agreed to stay on the show calling it a "big pick me up".

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