SAS Australia's Simone Holtznagel shows off bruised body after show

Model Simone Holtznagel has shared the brutal impact the SAS Australia course had on her body, sharing a video online from shortly after she finished filming.

The 28-year-old - who exited the show during Monday's episode - took to Instagram to share a clip she had filmed back in October 2021 that showed her body covered in bruises.

sas Simone Holtznagel  bruises
Simone Holtznagel shared a video filmed after she first exited SAS Australia course. Photo: Instagram

"These are my f***ing bruises," she said in the video, in which she is seen wearing a black bikini and holding up her arms to show the bruises to the camera.

"It really hurts, like everywhere."

Simone left the brutal military-style challenge this week, after a task that saw the contestants blasted in the face with pepper spray.


sas simone bruised leg
She showed off bruises on her arms and legs. Photo: Instagram

Directing Staff Ant Middleton described the test as “a whole f***ing world of pain”.

The crippling task proved too much for Simone and she chose to withdraw from the course.

“I’m disappointed I didn’t go out on more of a high but I’m really not huge on physical pain," Simone said afterwards.

Simone on SAS Australia
Simone left the SAS Australia course this week. Photo: Channel 7

Last year, model and TV presenter Erin Holland also revealed the brutal impact just a few days of the SAS Australia course had on her body, sharing shocking photos of her own bruised limbs online.

Taking to Instagram, Erin shared photos of herself in a black singlet and underwear with multiple bruises visible.

"THE AFTERMATH," she captioned the photos.

“A raw look at what a few days of selection looked like (plus a sore back from 90+ kilos on it).

“SAS Australia is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s 24/7 – so many tasks that can’t possibly all make it to air! SO much respect for my fellow recruits still toughing it out in there – it only gets wilder from here."

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