SAS Australia star Erin Holland reveals brutal 'aftermath' of show

Erin Holland has revealed the brutal impact just a few days of the SAS Australia course had on her body, sharing shocking photos of her bruised limbs online.

The former Miss World Australia handed in her number on Tuesday night and was the second celebrity to leave the challenge, after Brynne Edelstein exited on the first day.

SAS Australia erin holland bruises
SAS Australia star Erin revealed what just two days of the course had done to her body. Photo: Instagram/erin holland

Taking to Instagram the following day, Erin shared photos of herself in a black singlet and underwear with multiple bruises visible.

"THE AFTERMATH," she captioned the photos

“A raw look at what a few days of selection looked like (plus a sore back from 90+ kilos on it).

“SAS Australia is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s 24/7 – so many tasks that can’t possibly all make it to air! SO much respect for my fellow recruits still toughing it out in there – it only gets wilder from here."


erin holland SAS bruises
'The Aftermath,' Erin captioned the shocking images. Photo: Instagram/erin holland

Despite her early departure, SAS Instructor was one of the first to comment on the post, singing Erin's praises.

"With a positive mindset your body and mind always repairs stronger and more resilient! Amazing effort! Head held high…" he commented.

Erin handed in her number after she was instructed to carry Home & Away star Dan Ewing on her shoulders, but was unable to complete the task.

As she left the show, the model said it would be a big thing for her to "get past feeling like a failure".

SAS erin holland carry Home & Away star Dan Ewing
Erin Holland was unable to carry Dan on her back on SAS. Photos: Channel 7

"I always beat myself up if I'm not performing well or towards the front of the pack, even if it’s something that I have no right to be good at because it’s not one of my strengths," she said.

After Erin's departure, SAS Australia fans were left in utter disbelief over former NRL player Sam Burgess’ torturous challenge.

The recruits were given a task to see how well they dealt with claustrophobia, with each of them required to crawl through a 25 metre underground wormhole.

Sam Burgess took more than 40 minutes to complete the challenge, with viewers saying the disturbing scenes sent their claustrophobia through the roof.

“I feel physically sick watching this tunnel challenge,” one person wrote online.

SAS Australia continues tonight from 7.30pm on Channel 7

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