Home and Away's Orpheus Pledger quits SAS Australia after 'erratic behaviour'

He made a name for himself starring on Home and Away for over three years, but after just two days on SAS Australia Orpheus Pledger became the second recruit to voluntarily withdraw.

The 28-year-old actor quit the military training show after refusing to help out around camp and copping backlash from fellow recruits, who said he appeared to be “off with the fairies”.

Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger on SAS Australia.
Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger became the second recruit to quit season three of SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

“If someone tries to make me do something that I need to do without telling me why, I find it intrusive. I find it annoying,” he said in an interview filmed after the course was completed.

“I really like to go with the flow, I like to be in the moment. If I’m told to do something, it sometimes takes a while for me to do it.”

After being concerned by his “erratic behaviour”, Chief Instructor Ant Middleton reviewed Orpheus’ psychometric test results and called him in for a meeting with Doctor Dan to understand how his mind works.


“You seemed quite lost at the beginning,” he said. “You were stronger today. When you’re on it, you’re on it, but there’s no in-between ground. It’s either, ‘Yeah let’s f**king do this’ or, ‘No you’re not getting that out of me’.”

“That’s absolutely right,” Orpheus agreed, leading Ant to encourage him to keep challenging himself so he will grow and get stronger.

However, the TV star left the Directing Staff shocked when he suddenly announced that he was quitting the course.

“I want to go home,” he declared out of nowhere. “I definitely want to go home.”

Ant Middleton and Orpheus Pledger on SAS Australia.
Chief Instructor Ant Middleton was baffled by Orpheus’ sudden decision to leave. Photos: Channel Seven

In his post-show interview, Orpheus explained his decision to leave the show by sharing his definition of ‘quitting’.

“Completing a course like this, if it’s exactly what I’m required to learn then I’m going to go for it,” he said.

“And if I don’t want to learn it then I’m not going to learn it and if you call that quitting, then that’s quitting. Otherwise, it’s me doing what I want for myself because I care for other people.”

Viewers on social media were just as confused by Orpheus’s exit as Ant, calling his behaviour “bizarre”.

“Did not expect that from Orpheus,” one person tweeted, while another added, “That was the strangest VW I’ve seen on SAS, both UK and Australia”.

“Orpheus probably shouldn’t have been selected for the show in that headspace,” a third shared.

SAS Australia airs at 7:30pm Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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