SAS Australia feud erupts between Locky Gilbert and Pauly Fenech: ‘Abusive’

Only one week into SAS Australia and an explosive feud has already erupted between reality TV star Locky Gilbert and comedian Pauly Fenech.

The former Bachelor called Pauly a “c**t” after failing to see eye-to-eye during a brutal vehicle extraction team challenge, where they argued over who had put the car into gear.

SAS Australia stars Pauly Fenech and Locky Gilbert fighting.
SAS Australia stars Pauly Fenech and Locky Gilbert engaged in a fiery war of words. Photos: Channel Seven

“I’ve got a little bit of a temper,” Locky admitted in an interview filmed after the course was completed. “Even though I do a lot of stupid things, I hate stupidity.”

After the task was eventually completed, the two alpha males engaged in a fiery war of words in front of the other recruits.

“You ever call me a c**t again and I’ll f**king smash your f**king face, alright?” Pauly declared.

“Do it, man, do it!” Locky encouraged him, while the surrounding celebrities attempted to defuse the situation.

“F**king TV f**king actor,” Pauly yelled, to which Locky replied, “F**k, you know what you do mate?”.


Back at base camp, the Fat Pizza star attempted to clear the air by saying sorry to Locky and explaining that he doesn’t like being talked down to.

“I apologise for losing my temper and we’ve got no problem from my point of view,” he said. “Let’s not get into who said what, that’s not productive. We need to just wipe the slate clean because we’ve got to go forward.”

Upon leaving the conversation, however, Locky muttered to himself: “You f**king tosser. Oh I will f**king headbutt that c**t”.

SAS Australia stars Pauly Fenech and Locky Gilbert patching things up.
Seconds after making amends, Locky insulted Pauly once again. Photos: Channel Seven

The two-time Survivor player went on to complain about Pauly to the other recruits and was unable to let the incident go.

“The fact that I don’t show the emotions like grief, compassion, empathy, I think that kind of comes out in anger and there’s no other way I can express it,” he said in his interview.

Pauly was later brought in for questioning by the Directing Staff and revealed why he was so affected by the situation.

“I didn't like being disrespected by Locklan, and I just won’t let people bully me,” he said.

“I’ve been bullied enough in my life, I’ve grown up now, so if you want to f**king try and push me around, you can go get f**ked. It’s as simple as that… He was just being dismissive and a little bit abusive, and I'm not going to put up with that.”

SAS Australia airs at 7:30pm Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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