Sam Frost admits she misses Home and Away in sentimental post

After confirming late last year that she would be leaving Home and Away, Sam Frost has shared a post on social media admitting that she misses working on the series.

The former Bachelorette, who has played Jasmine Delaney on the long-running soap opera since 2017, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a behind-the-scenes blooper.

Sam Frost.
Sam Frost has admitted that she misses working on Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/fro01

The clip features Sam accidentally tripping on the sand while filming a beach scene and then bursting into laughter with her co-stars.

“Looking through my camera roll for H&A clips and found this gem… What an idiot,” she captioned the video, adding that she’s “legit the world’s clumsiest person”.

“Geez I miss laughing with the crew, so much fun.”


A number of Sam’s famous followers took to the comments to playfully laugh at her misfortune, including Neighbours actress Bonnie Anderson who said: “This is the best ever!”

“God damn I love you!” Angie Kent wrote, followed by Sam’s former radio co-host Rove McManus who added, “Already watched five times through and just keeps getting funnier”.

“One of my all-time fav moments, from one of my all-time fav people!” fellow Home and Away star Ditch Davey replied.

‘I needed to take a step back’

Despite speculation that Sam had left the Channel Seven series over her controversial Covid-19 vaccination stance, the 32-year-old posted on her Believe By Sam Frost Instagram account earlier this month to share the real reason behind her decision.

“I quit my dream job at Home and Away to look after my mental health. I needed to take a step back, go home and be with my family. And most importantly take good care of my health and well-being,” she wrote.

“I now spend the days with the people I love, doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too busy working. I spent 4.5 years being a distant friend, a distant girlfriend, a sister who couldn’t be there for big milestone moments. Now, I’m making up for lost time. I’m prioritising my health and my relationships.

“Sometimes I wake up and panic about money, work and being able to afford my mortgage… But then I remind myself of the importance of putting our mental health first, and taking time out to heal our mind, body and soul. The rest will fall into place.”

Sam Frost on Home and Away.
Sam revealed earlier this month that she quit Home and Away to look after her mental health. Photo: Channel Seven

The door is not closed

Sam’s comments come shortly after her former co-star Lynne McGranger revealed that she is likely planning a return to TV now that she is fully vaccinated.

“[Sam] spoke to me, can I just say the door is not closed, it's very much an open door,” she told Fitzy & Wippa, adding that she is probably already “in negotiations” with the show’s producers to reprise her role.

“There were some issues of course with getting vaccinated but I’m here to tell you she is double vaccinated now, possibly boosted as well.”

It’s reported that Sam has since moved back to her hometown of Melbourne to be closer with her friends and family, and she filmed her final scenes in Summer Bay in January.

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