Channel 7 confirms Sam Frost's 'decision to leave' Home and Away

Channel 7 has issued a statement confirming that Sam Frost will be leaving Home & Away permanently.

Despite initial reports Sam, who has played Jasmine Delaney in the hit soap since 2017, would only be written out 'temporarily' until after a 'medical procedure' in January, she has now made the "decision to leave".

sam frost standing in front of a brick wall wearing a white top
Sam Frost has 'made the decision' to leave Home and Away. Photo: Instagram/fro01

"We support and respect Sam’s decision to leave Home and Away," a network spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle. "Sam leaves with our sincere thanks and very best wishes for the future."

It is also understood that Sam’s departure is not related to Seven’s vaccination policy and that her role of Jasmine will not be recast.


It comes after the 32-year-old was spotted enjoying drinks with a co-star Nicholas Cartwright at a trendy Sydney bar on Thursday night.

Sam uploaded a clip to her Instagram Stories without a caption, however, Nicholas shared it over on his account with the word, 'Celebrate!' in large font at the top.

Reports first emerged via The Daily Telegraph this week that Sam had called time on her four-year stint on the show and would film her final scenes on the soap on Friday, before moving back to her hometown of Melbourne to be closer to family and friends.

sam frost celebrates in sydney
Sam was spotted out 'celebrating' in Sydney this week. Photo: Instagram/fro01

Sam's departure from Home and Away comes just over a month after she claimed she would not be leaving the long-running TV soap but instead would be 'written out temporarily' of the show.

In an Instagram post, Sam explained that she would not be 'fully vaxxed' until the end of February 2022 at the latest, after she undergoes an undisclosed 'medical procedure'.

"I'm not leaving Home and Away," she wrote. "I've got a medical procedure booked in for January. So I won't be fully vaxxed until mid-late February.

"I will be written out temporarily, Jazzy is going on an off-screen adventure for a few weeks... But I'll be back."

sam frost vaccine video
Sam Frost made headlines with a controversial video about Covid-19 vaccines in October. Photos: Instagram/fro01

Back in October, Sam made headlines over her controversial Covid-19 vaccination stance which she revealed in a tearful Instagram video.

In the since-deleted clip, Sam admitted that she was not vaccinated and spoke about feeling like "less of a human" due to "harsh judgment" from society in the lead-up to NSW's 'Freedom Day'.

She described the treatment of unvaccinated people, particularly when it came to the state's ongoing restrictions, as "segregation", and received widespread backlash for the comment.

The reaction to Sam's video was swift, with people calling out the actress for spreading 'misinformation' and for her use of the word 'segregation'. The clip was removed shortly thereafter before Sam deleted her entire account.

Additional reporting by Gillian Wolksi.

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