Sam Frost 'fully vaxxed' and set for Home & Away return says co-star

Less than two months after announcing she was quitting her role in Home and Away, a former co-star has confirmed that Sam Frost is now fully vaccinated and likely planning a return to TV.

Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts on the soap, shared the news with Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa on Monday morning, revealing that the door was 'very much open' for Sam to reprise her role.

Home and Away stars Sam Frost and Lynne McGranger
Home and Away star Lynne McGranger says Sam Frost is double vaxxed and might return to the show. Photo: Instagram/fro01, Instagram/lynnemcgranger.

The 32-year-old — who had starred as Jasmine Delaney since 2017 — quit the long-running show back in December just months after her controversial Covid-19 vaccination stance made headlines.

"[Sam] spoke to me, can I just say the door is not closed, it's very much an open door," Lynne, 68, said about the potential for the former Bachelorette to come back to Summer Bay.

While Lynne admitted that there were 'some issues' with Sam's vaccination status that may have been behind her exit, she confirmed that Sam had since taken the Covid-19 jab.

"There was some issues of course with getting vaccinated but I’m here to tell you she is double vaccinated now, possibly boosted as well," Lynne said.


A photo of Sam Frost wearing a white blouse with an oversized collar. Photo: Instagram/fro01.
Home and Away star Sam Frost announced she was leaving the show back in December. Photo: Instagram/fro01.

The TV soap veteran explained that a major factor behind Sam's decision to leave the Bay after four years was her need to be with her family in Melbourne.

"She missed her family, I can’t speak for Sam but she really missed her family down in Melbourne and that’s where she needed to be. She’s never made a secret of the fact that she does struggle with her anxiety, that is out there and is a great thing to make public, but she needed to be with her family," Lynne said.

Lynne said that the 'clever and smart and compassionate' Home and Away producers had let Sam know that they'd love to have her back at some point.

She added that Sam is in a 'really good place' at the moment and was likely already 'in negotiations' with the producers to reprise her role as nurse Jasmine.

Sam's subtle dig

Lynne's update comes after Sam appeared to make a subtle dig at her former employer when she shared an Instagram post that poked fun at the program's dramatic storylines.

The post, by the satirical news site, The Betoota Advocate quipped, "Home and Away writer fired for not reaching one car crash scene per season quota."

An Instagram post by The Betoota Advocate with the headline 'Home and Away writer fired for not reaching one car crash scene per season'. Photo: Instagram/betootaadvocate.
A satirical post by The Betoota Advocate made Sam 'giggle'. Photo: Instagram/betootaadvocate.

The humour wasn't lost on Sam, who wrote, "The caption really made me giggle," when she shared the post to her Instagram Stories.

After sparking controversy with a video about the Covid vaccine in October, Sam announced that she would be written out 'temporarily' until after a 'medical procedure' in January.

But on December 16, a network spokesperson confirmed that she had quit for good. Sam is believed to have filmed her final scenes as Jasmine the following day, however, it's not clear how she has been written out and when her final episodes with go to air.

Shortly after her departure from the soap was announced, Sam revealed she'd written a book about her 'personal experience' with mental health titled, Believe.

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