Robert Irwin reveals bizarre travel hobby online: 'So funny'

The 19-year-old surprised fans with his unique pastime.

Robert Irwin left his followers in stitches on Wednesday when he shared a gallery of photos on Instagram revealing his unique hobby when travelling.

The Wildlife Warrior posted a series of snaps of himself posing in front of various signs, engravings and plaques with his name, which he captioned, “Roberts of the world”.

Robert Irwin posing in front of a Robert Burns statue / standing in front of Roberts Field airport.
Robert Irwin posted a gallery of photos titled ‘Roberts of the world’. Photos: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

The first snap shows the 19-year-old posing in front of a statue of Scottish poet Robert Burns in New York City’s Central Park, with his body blocking the surname so it just reads ‘Robert’.

He also posed in front of a large sign outside Roberts Field, also known as Redmond Municipal Airport, in Oregon - the US state where his mother Terri Irwin was born and raised.


Another snap shows Robert standing on top of his name inscribed into cement, while a video shows him driving down Roberts Road.

Perhaps the most surprising image is of a gravestone dedicated to a man named Robert William Irwin, “a dearly loved husband and father” who died in 1964 at 52.

Roberts Road / a gravestone reading Robert William Irwin.
Robert even shared a snap of a gravestone of someone with the same name as him. Photos: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

'So funny'

Robert’s followers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the gallery, with quite a few people admitting they do the same thing when travelling.

“I took that exact same photo with Robert Burns. Must be a Robert thing,” one person shared.

“I still get this excited about every ‘Elizabeth’ street/drive/road/lane/crescent/boulevard I come across,” another added.

“It’s Robert’s world and the rest of us are just living in it,” a third said, with someone else writing, “There's never too many Roberts in the world”.

“You are amazing,” a different user remarked, while others said he was “so funny”.

Several fans also made a joke out of the gravestone he posted and pretended it was his own.

“Omg so sorry you passed,” one fan joked, followed by another who wrote, “He aged quite quickly”.

“RIP Robert it’s almost like he’s still with us,” someone else laughed.

“He’s posting from the grave. How sweet,” another commented.

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