Rebel Wilson spills weight loss secrets in live chat with fans

Rebel Wilson has taken to Instagram to do a Live Q&A with her followers about her incredible transformation during her ‘Year of Health’.

The Hollywood star, who recently revealed she had reached her goal weight of 75kg, shared some of her exercise and nutrition tips, as well as opening up about the emotional side of her journey.

rebel wilson
Rebel hit her goal weight of 75kg. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

“It was the emotional stuff about realising why I was overeating, why I was emotionally eating and trying to solve that, that was the biggest lesson,” Rebel told her fans.

Rebel explained turning 40 was what initially triggered her desire to live a healthier life, particularly as she started to think about things like her fertility and made the decision to freeze her eggs.

“As all career women would know if that is something that interests you approaching 40 is a good time to do it,” she said.

“So I was thinking about fertility and thought I am going to do this and get healthy.”

Rebel said things started with a professional detox to help with the amount of sugar she was eating.

“I have the biggest sweet tooth. It is my weakness,” she admitted.

“I’m not a medical professional I can only talk from my own personal experience and try and share some tips and like anything there is no right way to do things.”

rebel wilson live chat
Rebel spoke to her fans about her journey. Photo: Instagram

In terms of exercise Rebel says her biggest tip is to “get out and walk”.

While she has access to “amazing personal trainers”, she revealed the “majority of exercise” she has done this year is just going out for a walk.

“That is free, you can do it, it’s safe and walking is the best way for me to metabolise fat,” she wrote.

In terms of other exercises she also recommended interval training to get the heart rate up, and said, “ladies, don’t be afraid of weights. I love that feeling of feeling strong and powerful.”

Despite her transformation she says she likes being curvy and wants to remain that way.

“I feel really confident now,” she added, before thanking her fans for their support.

“The main reason I decided to share my journey on social media is for accountability. Thanks everyone for their support,” she said.

rebel wilson exercise
Rebel says walking was her biggest recommendation. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Before the session, Rebel had teased she was planning on doing a Live to thank people for their support and allow people to ask questions.

“I can only talk about my own personal experience/journey but am hoping to help those who have had similar struggles to me,” she wrote on Instagram.

The 40-year-old actress famously called 2020 her ‘Year of Health’ back in January as she embarked on a weight loss journey to feel healthier and fitter.

She has been showing off her journey and newfound confidence on her social media over the year, revealing she had reached her goal with one month to spare.

“Hit my goal with one month to spare!" the Pitch Perfect star wrote in an Instagram Story showing the scale at 74.6kg.

“Even though it's not about a weight number, it's about being healthy, I needed a tangible measurement to have as a goal and that was 75kgs.”

Rebel’s fans have loved watching her transformation over the year, sharing their love for her look in the comments on various posts.

“Damn girl! Look at you!!! So proud of you. Smoking!!!” one person wrote.

“You look amazing & confident & strong & happy ( most important ) Go girl,” another said.


The star had lost 18kg already by July, showing off her changing figure in activewear, when she posted a snap of herself posing at the top of the picturesque Barrenjoey Head in Sydney’s Palm Beach.

And in August she shared a photo of herself in a figure-hugging blue dress, which sent her fans wild.

“Daaaaannnngggg, woman! You look fierce as hell!” wrote one.

“Can’t get over your body transformation. You look fabulous, although you always did,” said another.

rebel wilson transformation
Fans loved this 'fierce' look from Rebel. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Rebel’s personal trainer, Jono Castano, previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that he and his A-list client approached her weight loss journey as a ‘lifestyle change’ and not a quick fix.

"I'd say her consistency has been the most important thing, if you're consistent and you're getting amazing results then it's just going to continue to show, even if it's not just in your appearance, but it's also going to help in bringing out the best in you," he told us.

"We sometimes forget about what fitness and results actually does, it's not just about losing weight, it gives you so much more confidence."

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