Rebel Wilson shows off 20kg weight loss with 'steamy' pic

Rebel Wilson is back at the Austrian spa where she kickstarted her Year of Health and is showing off her near 20kg weight loss with a 'steamy' snap.

Taking to Instagram, the 40-year-old shared a snap of herself in a steam room with her newfound body confidence proudly on display.

Rebel Wilson poses in a steam room
Rebel Wilson showed off her weight loss with a very steamy photo while at VIVAMAYR Altaussee. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

"Queen of Steam!" the actress joked, with her fans praising her for all of her hard work over the year.

"You've always looked beautiful, but wow your transformation is incredible!" one fan wrote. "Cheers on achieving your best body ever."

"You look amazing!" another wrote. "I'm inspired!"


"[You] are not just the queen of steam, you are the queen of everything!" a very enthusiastic fan added.

"I admire you so much," someone else wrote.

Before embarking on her new diet, Rebel revealed she was eating 3,000 calories a day.

Rebel Wilson poses in Austria
Rebel is back in Austria at the spa where she first kickstarted her weight loss journey. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

"Before I was probably eating 3,000 calories most days, and because they were normally carbs, I would still be hungry," she told People Magazine.

"So, I've really changed to eating a high-protein diet, which is challenging because I didn't used to eat a lot of meat," she added. "I eat fish, salmon, and chicken breast."

"I'm just trying to go for overall balance, overall healthy balance," she says. "I have this state of being, which is not my quote, but I go 'Nothing is forbidden.' We’ll be like, 'Should we get In-N-Out burger?' And I'm like, 'Nothing is forbidden.' I can go there, I just might eat half of what I used to eat before. You know? And I'll have a burger, and a few fries, and then you feel fine."

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Rebel's trainer Jono Castano said his favourite tip is a simple one.

Rebel Wilson shows off her abs
Rebel showed off her abs on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

"For reaching your fat loss goals, I'd probably say my favourite tip that I love to give out is: eat to be satisfied, not to be full," he said. "And that goes in terms of incorporating enough calories into your diet, because at the end of the day, we eat to be satisfied, we don't eat to be full or bloated.

"Because all that's going to create is that you're going to be tired, it's going to be hard to process, you're not going to absorb all the nutrients. So, I think when you know you're satisfied, stop there and then give it two hours and then eat again. Rather than just eating large meals where you're just going to feel tired."

He also shared the "most important" part of Rebel's weight loss journey.

"I'd say her consistency has been the most important thing, if you're consistent and you're getting amazing results then it's just going to continue to show, even if it's not just in your appearance, but it's also going to help in bringing out the best in you," he said.

"We sometimes forget about what fitness and results actually does, it's not just about losing weight, it gives you so much more confidence."

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