Rebel Wilson opens up to Sunrise about 35kg transformation: ‘Proud’

Rebel Wilson has opened up about her ‘Year of Health’ and her impressive body transformation, admitting that her life has changed “dramatically” since losing 35kgs last year.

The Aussie actress spoke candidly with Sunrise hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Nat Barr on Tuesday morning about her health journey and revealed the reasoning behind her intense lifestyle change.

Rebel Wilson now and then.
Rebel Wilson said her life has changed ‘dramatically’ since losing 35kgs last year. Photos: Getty

“I was going through a fertility journey and it was better if I was healthier, and I kind of wanted to be healthier anyway,” she explained. “I struggled a lot with emotional eating.

“I’m proud of myself for improving my life for the better. It was hard work.”


The Pitch Perfect star went on to say that she’s observed major changes with her body since dropping the weight, which has also been noticed by her doctor.

“I went to the doctor’s and got my yearly check-up last week and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, all your labs and your blood work is the best it’s ever been, it’s kind of remarkable’,” she recalled.

“I had a lot of inflammation in my body and stuff but I didn’t really realise because that was just my every day.”

Rebel, who recently released her debut children’s book, Bella the Brave, also detailed that she used to struggle at work due to her weight after shooting for 16 hours a day.

“My feet would get really sore and I’d have to kind of lie upside down and put my feet up on the couch. And now I don’t have that kind of thing happening,” she said.

“I used to suffer a lot from jet lag, and now it’s much easier to deal with.”

The interview comes shortly after she spoke with Jamila Rizvi on The Weekend Briefing on LiSTNR about why she decided to make her weight loss journey public.

Rebel Wilson during her Year of Health.
Rebel Wilson says she wanted to use social media to hold herself accountable. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

The 41-year-old regularly posts photos on social media showing off her transformation process and sharing updates with her fans.

“I feel really good within myself and I like to celebrate the journey,” she began.

“And also, why I did it publicly was for accountability as well, because it’s all good and well just having a little experiment and if you don’t tell people about it you could just easily fail, whereas if I tell the whole world on social media, then that's pretty good motivation.”

Rebel recently wrapped filming on two movies, British drama The Almond And The Seahorse and Netflix comedy Senior Year, both of which will be released early next year.

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