Nat Barr left cringing at Barnaby Joyce's awkward Sunrise blunder

Sunrise host Natalie Barr has laughed off an awkward interview with deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, who repeatedly called her 'Fran' during a segment on Monday.

Joyce appeared on the breakfast program to discuss the National Party's decision to support a 2050 net zero carbon emissions target to tackle climate change, when he continually called journalist Nat by the wrong name.

Barnaby Joyce Sunrise interview with nat barr
Barnaby Joyce called Nat 'Fran' during an interview on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7

"Well, Fran, as I said, it's unambiguous that they left Australia in a better position," he said, as he answered one of Nat's first questions.

Nat's look revealed she had heard the slip-up but ever the professional, she continued on.

Yet, a few moments later, Joyce again called her 'Fran', before realising his mistake.

"Fran, you don't litigate it on television, but it's fair to say, at the start - I'm calling you Fran - that was just the interview I did. Nat, sorry about that," he said.

Nat Barr replied: "It's ok Fred, keep going."


Nat continued to press the deputy PM for details of the agreements reached by the National Party, and despite correcting himself, Joyce again called her Fran.

"Well, honestly Fran," he said.

The awkward encounter was also discussed on Monday's episode of The Project, with footage of the interview leaving the show's hosts in stitches.

The Project's Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar all helplessly burst into laughter after viewing the clip.

"He obviously has done too many interviews, poor old Barnaby," co-host Steve Price quipped.

"I hope he is more across net zero than he is the interview," Helliar added.

The Project hosts waleed aly and carrie bickmore
The Project hosts had a good laugh about the awkward interview that evening. Photo: Channel 10

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