Prince William will 'lose his cool' in 2021, psychic reveals

Some may have hoped 2021 would shape up much better than this year, but for Prince William it seems things could instead get worse, according to a psychic who predicts there are some 'disruptive events' in the royal’s future.

Sarah Yip, aka The Numbers Queen, has taken some time to look into what 2021 and beyond has in store for various members of the royal family, revealing she thinks the usually calm and collected Duke of Cambridge could ‘lose his cool’ in public.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Is 2021 going to be too much for Prince William? Photo: Getty

The professional psychic and numerologist from the Gold Coast explains to Yahoo Lifestyle that she creates numerology charts based off the sum of our DOB which reveals our lifepath, or spiritual job description. It also shows the age we mature.

“For example the Queen is a 7 life path because her DOB adds to 25/7. At age 25, she was appointed to the throne,” Sarah tells us.

“While our lifepath and names are only part of our forecast, they give key insights into our behaviour, especially in relationships.

“Reviewing a family’s numerology, as I have done with below, can show group wake up calls, which are otherwise hard to see.”

She explains 2021 is a 5 Universal Year and Prince William has “prominent 5’s in his name” suggesting 2021 will be one of his busiest years ever.

“In numerology, our name reveals how we ‘make a name for ourselves’ in the world. It influences our mindset and work choices,” Sarah tells us.

prince william
William may lose his cool in public due to stress. Photo: Getty

Sarah had previously warned (in her 2020 Royals forecast) William needed to be careful of burnout as he would be taking on more power from age 43-45 (2025-2027) then age 48.

“As a life path 11/2 Spiritual Messenger in numerology, William tends to give 110% effort in every area, until he hits a roadblock,” she says.

“I hope he will take a holiday by August 2021 as it looks like May-June 2021 is challenging and he will need time to process his feelings after disruptive events.

“This could be a year we see him lose his cool in public due to stress.”

prince william and kate
William and Kate have got a big year in 2021. Photo: Getty

Despite these tests, Sarah sees William taking on bold leadership roles from September 2021.

“His chart shows career advancement and a desire to be a change maker and public speaker,” she reveals, adding that Kate’s chart mirrors her husband’s in 2021.

“She’s also going through intense evolution and will be stepping up in every way. Many of her core numbers in numerology are triggered in the coming months. I see her enjoying the challenge,” Sarah says.


2020 was already a big year for Prince William, who revealed in November he had secretly battled COVID-19.

The 38-year-old was reportedly left ‘struggling to breathe’ just days after his father, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed they had contracted COVID-19 in April.

William was determined to carry out the official royal duties he had committed to and carried out 13 Zoom engagements.

He also didn’t want to alarm the nation by revealing he had contracted the virus, which is why it was kept a secret until later.

Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, from the Royally Obsessed podcast, explained why they believed his diagnosis was kept underground.

"Say the worst happened – the Queen at 94 passed away, then Prince Charles passed away then Prince William passed away, all because they were hit by the virus,” Roberta said.

"Think of what the headlines would have been - panic is an understatement.

"People would obviously be spinning and hypothesising and speculating on what would happen, playing out all these scenarios. So I doubt it was William's choice to keep it a secret.”

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