Psychic reveals what's in store for the royals in 2021 and beyond

2020 was a year like no other, including for the royal family, and according to a psychic there will be plenty more ‘unprecedented’ moments for the royals in 2021 and beyond.

From Prince William potentially losing his cool in public, to the Queen handing over duties, and Harry and Meghan making their move final, Sarah Yip - aka The Numbers Queen - has taken some time to look into what the future has in store for various members of the royal family.

royal family psychic future predictions
What's in store for the royal family in 2021 and beyond. Photo: Getty

The professional psychic and numerologist from the Gold Coast explains to Yahoo Lifestyle that she creates numerology charts based off the sum of our DOB which reveals our lifepath, or spiritual job description. It also shows the age we mature.

“For example the Queen is a 7 life path because her DOB adds to 25/7. At age 25, she was appointed to the throne,” Sarah tells us. “While our lifepath and names are only part of our forecast, they give key insights into our behaviour, especially in relationships.

“Reviewing a family’s numerology, as I have done with below, can show group wake up calls, which are otherwise hard to see.”

In late 2019, Sarah correctly predicted a number of events for Meghan and Harry for Yahoo Lifestyle, including their exit from the Royal Family and decision to set up a new life overseas from April 2020. She also correctly revealed they would express increasingly spiritual views and radical political stances, release a book and go into media and entertainment.

Here are some of Sarah’s newest predictions for the royals, including Harry, Meghan, William, Kate, the Queen and Prince Charles.

Prince Harry and Meghan

2021 is a 5 Universal Year, which brings healing for our fifth or throat chakras (truth and freedom). This bodes well for Meghan and Harry. Not only do they have a 5 compatibility relationship (which comes from adding her 4 life path to his 1 life path), their son Archie is a 5 life path, as is Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

These syncs suggest that their marriage will improve in 2021 and their offerings will be well received by the public.

I was not surprised when Meghan and Harry announced their Netflix deal in September. Her numbers show her becoming a spiritual teacher then. The news came in Meghan’s personal 7 year, personal 7 month, a time of answered prayers. 7 even looks like a sudden turn of fate.

In Archie’s chart, his numerology showed upheaval in his first year of life before peace in his second year. He has an old head on young shoulders and will work hard to help others. As a 5 life path, he is sensitive and needs spiritual people and nature to thrive, which could be another reason his parents left England for California.

archie and prince harry
Archie is a 5 life path. Photo: Instagram/sussexroyal

I expect the Royal Review in March will see her and Harry move further from the Royal Family. They have found their happiness and will not be giving it up easily.

Looking ahead, Harry’s 37th birthday in September 2021 will be a milestone. As a 37/10/1 life path Pioneer, this is his age of maturity. I expect he will have launched his career in entertainment by then and returned to see family in England (possibly solo). Like his mother the late Princess Diana, Harry has a thoughtful, calming presence that translates beautifully on screen.

In numerology, we live in nine-year cycles. In July 2011, Meghan joined the cast of Suits, a huge career break. Exactly nine years later, she sadly had a miscarriage in July 2020, which she was brave enough to reveal.

I feel these events are related. Meghan’s 4 life path is about recovering from heartbreak through the power of love. She needs a strong support network and financial security to succeed.

It will be easier for Harry and her to expand their family now that their debt for Frogmore Cottage is paid off. That would have been causing Meghan stress.

As a psychic who works with children’s spirits, I feel that Meghan’s miscarried child will return as a baby within three years. I get the impression she will be a determined, creative and talented daughter, which would be healing for Meghan given her difficult childhood.

My best guess is that no.2 will arrive between March 2022 or by the end of that year. Of course, although numerology shows our potential, Meghan and Harry still have free will. Although there’s speculation she is pregnant, I don’t think she is for now.

In light of these factors, plus the impact of COVID-19, I believe Meghan and Harry will focus on building up business for the first half of 2021.

Meghan has good numbers for beginnings in December 2020 and March 2021. Her investment in a vegan coffee brand in December is paying off. It’s already been spruiked by Oprah and Kim Kardashian (both self-made 4 life paths like Meghan – Kim is a 22/4, which makes her even more ambitious).

Many 4’s (including Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson) are top entrepreneurs due to their long-term vision and strategic approach to relationships. They rarely waste time, energy or money on causes which don’t make sense (or big dollars).

Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan
Harry and Meghan are unlikely to ever return to royal duties. Photo: Getty

Prince William and Kate

Prince William has prominent 5’s in his name and current pinnacle (life chapter), suggesting 2021 will be one of his busiest years ever. In numerology, our name reveals how we ‘make a name for ourselves’ in the world. It influences our mindset and work choices.

As I said in my 2020 Royals forecast, William needs to be careful of burnout, as he’ll be taking on more power from age 43-45 (2025-2027) then age 48. I note that Kate’s chart also shows her becoming a Queen-type figure during this period.

As a life path 11/2 Spiritual Messenger in numerology, William tends to give 110% effort in every area, until he hits a roadblock.

I hope he will take a holiday by August 2021 as it looks like May-June 2021 is challenging and he will need time to process his feelings after disruptive events. This could be a year we see him lose his cool in public due to stress.

prince william and kate
William and Kate have got a big year in 2021. Photo: Getty

Despite these tests, I see William taking on bold leadership roles from September 2021. His chart shows career advancement and a desire to be a change maker and public speaker. Interestingly, this is the same month that Prince Harry turns 37, a milestone in his chart (as a 37/10/1 life path Pioneer).

I see William and Harry creating separate kingdoms of influence in future. They will stay on polite terms, but their lives will take them in opposite directions. William is on his way to becoming a Royal King, while Harry is turning into the People’s King due to his work with Meghan in media and business.

Kate’s chart mirrors Williams in 2021. She’s also going through intense evolution and will be stepping up in every way. Many of her core numbers in numerology are triggered in the coming months. I see her enjoying the challenge.

She is a 3 life path Communicator and they relish being the ‘CEOs’ of projects that will help parents and children, in particular. I see her involved in popular education and health ventures (for example, nutrition programs), especially from May to September 2021.

The Queen and Prince Philip

The Queen is a life path 7 Spiritual Teacher (the same as the late Princess Diana), who’s here to highlight the value of self-respect and discretion.

Her chart shows her prioritising family time in 2021. I think she has accepted what happened with Harry and Meghan in 2020.

She is more concerned about Prince Philip (a life path 2 Peacemaker) now that he is in his twilight years.

I see the Queen handing over extra responsibilities to William and Kate between May and September 2022. She’s a practical person who knows that they are coming into their full potential from now.

the queen future predictions
The Queen will prioritise family in 2021. Photo: Getty

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles is a life path 11/2 like his son William, so he also does things to an extreme. His chart shows he’s facing inner conflict in 2021, which could be linked to the growing divide in his sons’ destinies plus criticism from his portrayal in The Crown. I see him letting go of old pain soon, which could mean a quieter year ahead.

Although Camilla is also copping flak due to the series, she has a greater capacity to handle confrontation than Charles. As a life path 9 Old Soul, she knows that people can turn on you in a heartbeat and that it’s important to forge your own path.

Prince Charles and Camilla have an 11/2 compatibility relationship, which is a marriage of opposites that can enlighten the community.

Whatever you think of their match, it’s obvious they care for each other. Camilla has a positive year in 2021 where she will reinvent her image in surprising ways. She’s here to show us how to hold our ground, even when others are slinging mud.

Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Charles may face inner conflict in 2021. Photo: Getty

Sarah Yip is a professional psychic and numerologist from the Gold Coast, Australia. She specialises in 11:11 awakening and spiritual mentoring. Visit or find her on Instagram and YouTube.

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