Host horrifies The Project with dirty joke

Penny Burfitt
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Former One Direction member Niall Horan was always going to heat things up when he appeared on The Project on Monday night, but no one expected it to be a naughty joke from co-host Peter Helliar that got everyone blushing.

Appearing on the live current affairs program, the musician was promoting his upcoming album and new single, Nice to Meet Ya, when the topic of his on-stage presence came up.

Sharing a clip of a very impressive hip thrust that got the singer a lot of attention at a concert in Mexico, Peter asked the star about his technique.

“What goes into a perfect hip thrust?” he asked a giggling Niall.

“Put 65,000 people in front of you and you’ll do anything,” the star joked, before Peter took it a step further, turning the awkward factor up a notch, or seven.

After Carrie Bickmore asked the pop star to share his moves with Peter, the comedian let slip a very... generous joke about his assets.

“No, I’ll poke the camera or something,” Peter joked before going bright red as disbelief spread across the panel.

Peter Helliar's joke left One Direction's Niall Horan roaring with laughter. Photo: Ten

Niall was left in peals of laughter while co-hosts Waleed Aly look flummoxed and Carrie couldn’t help but join in the hilarity.

Waleed said he’d never heard so much ‘self-flattery’ in all his life, while Carrie took the opportunity to point out the show’s live format meant Peter wouldn’t be able to take the bawdy joke back.

Waleed Aly was left gobsmacked, while Carrie Bickmore tried, and failed, to contain her laughter. Photo: Ten

The rude moment left the host clutching at the guest’s arm as he seemed to try and hide from the camera.

The panel was probably anticipating a rude joke-free evening in the absence of Tommy Little, who tends to spearhead the x-rated moments that leave his co-hosts fumbling.

The past few months have seen the comedian drop a very rude joke that left the whole panel in stitches and even expose the usually-serious Hamish Macdonald’s bizarre toilet habits on air.

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