The Project host left gobsmacked by dirty joke

Penny Burfitt
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Hamish Macdonald was left red-faced and unable to speak after Tommy Little dropped a rude joke. Photo: Ten

Hamish Macdonald could barely keep it together on The Project last night after panellist and comedian Tommy Little dropped a typically scandalous gag on-air that left the entire panel in stitches.

Tommy was poking fun at Today show host Steve Jacobs who let slip some unfortunate wording in a cross from Fiji earlier this week.

“I got my piña colada where you can drop and flop,” morning host Steve said.

“That is the drop and flop. If you do that in the opposite order, you get arrested,” Tommy replied, deadpan as his co-hosts struggled to maintain a similar composure.

Tommy’s slightly off-colour joke was referring to a gentleman exposing himself publically, which of course would be frowned upon by police.

Panellist Monty Dimond roared with laughter, while Hamish went red-faced trying, and failing, to contain a similar reaction.

As tiny giggles escaped from the host, he was encouraged to continue by Carrie Bickmore, but another zinger from Tommy sent him over the edge again.

Tommy Little continued to prompt the struggling host with his rude gag, which didn't help the situation. Photo: Ten

“Are you thinking about dropping and flopping?” Tommy asked, which set the whole thing off again.

We’ve all been there, when a simple quip becomes so hilarious that keeping it together seems almost impossible, but fortunately, most of us haven’t had to navigate that moment on live TV.

“Are you right mate?” an almost alarmed Tommy asked his co-host who had clearly missed his cue and had to be led there by Carrie, who had to very obviously spell out the host’s opener while Tommy did everything he could to keep the gag going.

It’s not the first time Tommy has terrorised a usually highly professional Hamish on air.

Last week the comedian decided to get into the nitty-gritty of the journalist’s toilet habits, to the horror of producers who tried to move him on, only for the comedian to reveal their movements to the studio audience.

The prankster comedian is loved for bringing a light-heartedness to the current affairs show, though we’re not sure the hosts appreciate living in fear of his next outrageous gag.

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