The Project host left mortified after X-rated confession

Things got tense on The Project panel last night, after Tommy Little revealed one of fellow hosts, Hamish Mcdonald’s, bizarre secrets.

Producers were forced to tell Tommy to ‘move on’ with the show, after the 34-year-old went into detail on 38-year-old Hamish’s toilet habits.

Tommy Little and Hamish Mcdonald on The Project
Hamish Mcdonald was left mortified when Tommy Little revealed his toilet habits to the nation. Photo: Channel 10

The current affairs show aired a segment where they revealed results from a survey which claims one in five Aussies don’t wash their hands after going to the loo – and men and kids are the worst offenders.

Tommy took this as his opportunity to spill all of Hamish’s secrets to the nation, turning to the blonde-haired host and asking him: “Hamish do you wash your hands?”, to which Hamish replied: “Yeah of course.”

Despite the obvious look of warning in Hamish’s eyes, Tommy continued saying: “Should I tell them your secret? Hamish actually washes his hands before. And I asked him why one day.”

Hamish could then be heard saying: “What?” before Tommy asked: “Did you not want people to know this?

“Remember how you told me: ‘My junk’s been in my pants but my hands have been everywhere’? Remember how you said that?”, Tommy said.

Hamish just looked mortified and nervously laughed throughout the whole thing, while Carrie Bickmore eventually intervened, commending Hamish for his “very very wise idea”.

Hamish just looked down at his notes, clearly wanting the ground to open up and swallow him, but Tommy continued with his story.

“I said what if other people want to touch your junk and you said you make them wear gloves,” Tommy said, to which Hamish responded by asking him to “just stop talking”.

The comedian, who’s known for his playful jibes on the panel, then revealed that the producers were also desperately telling him to move on.

Tommy and Hamish are known for having a close relationship, with the pair constantly breaking out into fits of giggles and even running the City2Surf together this year.

In August, Hamish could barely get his words out after Tommy plated a hilarious prank on him at the desk.

Tommy meddled with Hamish’s autocue notes, leaving the journalist doubled over in laughter.

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