Pamela Anderson, 55, 'unrecognisable' in new project: 'Still beautiful'

The Baywatch babe stunned in a candid interview.

Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson has shocked fans with her latest appearance, appearing almost unrecognisable as she went makeup free for her newest project. The star, 55, has teamed up with Netflix to tell her side of the story throughout her career in a documentary called Pamela, A Love Story.

The star was allegedly upset about Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, a miniseries about her ‘stolen’ and leaked sex tape scandal from the 90s. While she never said anything publicly, multiple sources confirmed she wasn’t pleased and wouldn’t watch the show.

Pamela Anderson with a smokey eye in 2005
Pamela Anderson doesn't look like this in her latest project. Photo: Getty

Now, the blonde bombshell is wanting to “take control of the narrative”, with her memoir Love, Pamela slated to drop on the same day as the Netflix documentary.

Pamela is most well known for donning the red, revealing swimsuit in Baywatch, but admits in the documentary trailer that she didn’t ‘feel like she was respected’.


In one of her interviews, she appeared bare-faced and caused fans to do a double-take. Without her signature smokey eye-makeup, the natural beauty stunned during the candid conversation.

While she was labelled as “unrecognisable”, the star was also applauded for ‘aging gracefully’ on social media.

Pamela Anderson at 55 in her new Netflix documentary
Fans thought the star looked incredible for her age. Photo: Netflix

“She still looks beautiful. She has no makeup on, hello, real life! She looks awesome for 55,” one fan gushed.

“Good! She looks like a 55-year-old woman, as opposed to some of the Hollywood plastic surgery…we usually see,” another added.

“She looks amazing for her age,” a third pointed out.

“She’s still beautiful. Of course they’re going [to] make comments when someone is not fully glammed up. I know I’m unrecognisable without makeup,” a fourth remarked.

Others were excited to see Pamela finally address her past, in her own words.

“Really happy that she gets to tell her own story. I never watched the tape, and after watching Pam & Tommy for context (not knowing her disapproval of the show) I was appalled at how disgusting the media was towards Pam. She’s truly a fighter and a survivor, and really happy that she’s living her life by her rules,” a fan wrote.


“She deserved to tell her own story after so many people have made off her,” another added.

“Love that she gets to tell her own story in her own way, and that one of her sons is one of the producers. Wishing her nothing but the best,” a third chimed in.

“Pamela takes the power back! I have not watched either that tape or the recent show that dredged it all up again, and I never will! Much respect to her!” another exclaimed.

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