The Block's Tanya Guccione shocks with dramatic hair transformation

The Aussie star surprised fans with her bold new look.

The Block ‘villain’ Tanya Guccione has swapped her trademark purple locks for something a little more extreme. The star, 41, looked stunning in her latest look, sporting a bright orange hairdo with bangs.

She shared her new look on Instagram, saying it was “a bit of fun” for the New Year. While she usually keeps her usual purple hair short, her orange locks cascaded in waves around her face and dropped past her shoulders.

The Block star Tanya Guccione in her bathroom
The Block star Tanya Guccione is known for her unusual purple hair. Photo: Instagram/tanyaguccione

She wore a sparkly green blouse, which had a classy neck tie detail at the top. The influencer chose to pair her new hair with a hot pink lip and heavy eye makeup.

Using a combination of hot pink, gold and blue, her eyes looked like a work of art.


“It’s day 2 of 2023 ummm yep, can you tell I miss being creative already haha be your own masterpiece. (Also if I didn’t have purple hair I’d totally dye it this colour, disclaimer it’s a wig) lol used all @meccabeauty products,” she wrote.

The Block star Tanya Guccione in a bright orange wig and green top
The makeup artist looked completely different in the glam look. Photo: Instagram/tanyaguccione

The makeup artist was praised by her celebrity pals and fans, with one saying she “can pull off any colour”.

“Omg this is gold!!!!” model Justin Lacko commented.

“Love it! You look amazing Tanya!” a fan added.

Tanya shares support for Sharon and Ankur

This comes after the reality TV star was seen supporting 2022 contestants Sharon and Ankur, who were also portrayed as ‘villains’ on the Tree Change season.

Sharon made the choice to limit comments on Instagram after receiving intense racist backlash from Aussie fans.

“I see u girl! And I’m here with you cheering you both on! Hold your head up high!” Tanya commented on Sharon’s post.


Tanya, who made headlines for ‘cheating’ on the show with her husband Vito in 2021, is very familiar with cancel culture. The pair famously used a snap of The Block's production schedule to prepare for upcoming rooms and challenges.

While the couple had to weather the frenzy from passionate Blockheads, they walked away with an eye-watering $400,000 in profit.

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