My Kitchen Rules 2023: Judge Colin Fassnidge brought to tears in emotional teaser

Renowned tough judge Colin Fassnidge choked up after hearing the emotional reason behind the dish.

Drama is alive and well in the latest promo for My Kitchen Rules, with judge Colin Fassnidge breaking down in tears during one emotional episode.

As two new contestants, identical twins Radha and Prabha, explain a dish they made in memory of their late father who passed when they were young, Colin is seen choking up after hearing the background story.

Colin Fassnidge crying on camera on My Kitchen Rules
Colin Fassnidge was emotional upon trying a dish the twins dedicated to their late father.

“We lost our dad when we were two. Every time we cook a dish, it reminds us of him,” the twins explained in their instant restaurant.

“This one was our dad’s favourite, and it’s how we eat it on Father’s Day,” one of the twins explained.

Normally known as the tougher judge, the background story of the dish clearly had an emotional effect on Colin, who wiped away tears upon hearing it.

“How am I meant to do a critique now?” Colin asked.

“I think your dad’s up there 100% happy tonight. It had soul and it had love, and I was eating it and smiling,” Colin said, as other contestants were seen also wiping away tears.


It was also an emotional moment for the twins. “These are joyful tears,” they later explained. “We were able to pay tribute to our dad.”

The identical twins from Western Sydney also claim in the teaser video that they can read each other’s minds, stating that being in sync will be their superpower in the upcoming competition.


Both Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge are returning for season 13 of MKR, travelling across the country to meet Australia’s most passionate and talented home cooks. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is also set to join them as a judge in Kitchen HQ during the series.

A premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, but Channel 7 promises it’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

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