Hunted contestants shut down major rumour surrounding the show: 'Crazy'

EXCLUSIVE: Josh and Ed spill on the 'reality' of the popular reality show.

Hunted Australia contestants Josh and Ed have shut down claims that the popular reality show is 'scripted' and 'fake'.

The Fugitives, who were both captured during Sunday night’s episode after splitting from their respective teammates, tell Yahoo Lifestyle that viewers would be “surprised” by how accurately the series depicted their time on the run.

Hunted Fugitives Josh and Ed.
Hunted Fugitives Josh and Ed open up about the ‘reality’ of the popular reality show. Photos: Channel 10

“There's a lot of people that say it's all staged and they're like, ‘Oh there's no way that actually happened’,” Josh says. “But in reality, I would say about 95 per cent of what you see on camera is literally what you get.

“We didn't get a script, we didn't get people saying ‘You should say this when we ask these questions’, it was all very much organic. No producers contacted us and said, ‘Hey guys, you have to split’ or ‘This is going to be happening and I want you guys to be doing this’. It was very much just Holly and I making game plans and coming up with different ideas and things like that.


Josh went on to share that all of the emotions shown on camera, especially when he and his girlfriend Holly decided to split up, were “very organic and very genuine”.

“We're not actors,” he continues, adding with a laugh, “I’d be a horrible actor, to be honest”.

'It's crazy'

Meanwhile, Ed asserts that coincidences like fellow contestants Callum and Ben running into one of the Hunters’ brothers “genuinely happen” while filming.

“One day when Jimi and I were camping on Ninety Mile Beach, we saw like one or two other people the entire time we were camping,” he recalls. “We were literally sitting there playing Uno and a car drove into the campsite, I looked up and it was a guy I know from Newcastle who was driving from Perth back to Newcastle who was literally looking for a place to camp that night with his girlfriend.

“Those coincidences happen on the run, and it's the same with Jimi running into Helena who he used to work with. So I'm so glad that she was there to put him up for the night. You’d think that there's millions of people living in Victoria, but stuff like that genuinely happens and it's crazy.”


Josh and Ed’s teammates Holly and Jimi, as well as father and son duo Tharren and Jordan, are currently the final four contestants on this year’s season of Hunted ahead of Monday night’s finale.

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