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These dog treats could save you a costly vet bill: 'Best on the market'

Pet owners are raving about Bell & Bone Dental Sticks.

There's nothing better than a boisterous greeting from a furry friend. In fact, 43% of Aussie households have a pet dog, with many considering them a bona fide family member.

But pets can be expensive, especially as 80% of dogs have dental disease by the time they're three years old, which can require frequent trips to the vet. This serious health issue can be caused by genetics, processed foods, ineffective treatment and lack of a good dental routine.

Now there's a handy product to keep dental disease at bay, and dog owners are raving about it. "It's so beneficial," said one pooch owner in an online review. "I love these dental treats as they're low in fat and cheaper than other brands," said another.

Dogs with Bell & Bone dental sticks
Bell & Bone's dental sticks can help prevent dental decay in dogs. Photo: Supplied

Melbourne-based Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are vet-recommended and include active ingredients to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up in your dog's mouth. Low in fat and calories, it means you can give them to your dog every day.

The sticks come in four flavours including kangaroo, mint and turmeric, and chicken, mint and seaweed. Dogs love the taste, and the sticks leave your pooch with better breath.


Hypoallergenic options mean even if your dog is allergic to certain foods, there's one for him or her to enjoy. The sticks come in different sizes for small, medium and large dogs, so each one is a perfectly safe size for your pup's mouth.

Dog owners and their furry friends can't get enough of Bell & Bone Dental Sticks. "My dog has been getting these dental sticks every day for a couple of years now. His teeth are so clean!" said one shopper.

This winter you can save 20% when you enter the code Yahoo20 at checkout. You'll be doing some good too, because with every bag sold, Bell & Bone donates 10c to RSPCA Victoria.

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