‘My family hated that I joined OnlyFans, until they realised how much money I make'

The OnlyFans star is now making over $200,000 a year on the platform.

Perth-based OnlyFans creator Rosie Clarke, 33, has revealed her family's reaction to her X-rated career and how they've come around to it thanks to her huge earnings.

Rosie, who moved to Australia from the UK just before Covid-19 hit in 2020, found it difficult to find a job during the pandemic but quickly realised how much you can make in sex work, with the expat now easily earning over $200,000 a year just on OnlyFans.

Perth-based OnlyFans creator Rosie Clarke
Perth-based OnlyFans creator Rosie Clarke has revealed her family's reaction to her work. Photo: Supplied

"I graduated from university with an honours in marketing," Rosie said, adding it was a huge shock to her that she was unable to get any job, even jobs that didn't require a degree.

The expat started work as a lingerie barmaid in Kalgoorlie, before moving to 'boober eats', which involves delivering food to people while wearing lingerie.


During this time, she kept her family updated with her work, with the creator adding, "They were shocked, but I think it helped that my personal life and work was kept very separate. At that stage, I wasn’t posting about my job on social media..."

Rosie started an OnlyFans account after realising how much money could be made on the platform and soon began using her social media platforms to promote her work – which her family and friends could see.

Rosie Clarke - OnlyFans star
Rosie went from being unemployed to making over $200,000 a year on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/itsrosieclarkee

"That was a whole different hurdle for them to come to terms with – seeing me in skimpy clothing online and promoting my site," she shared. "But they didn’t give a f**k when they were going on holidays to Paris and blowing $2K on champagne!"

The creator revealed she has treated her family in several extravagant ways, saying, "I took my sisters to Paris for their birthday, then took the whole family for a weekend away to a mansion in Brighton for Mum’s birthday.


"And they suddenly came around,” Rosie added with a laugh. "I’d love to fly them all to visit me in Australia next!"

While Rosie is earning upwards of $200,000 on OnlyFans, she is also making money through her side hustles as a stripper, lingerie barmaid and more.

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