OnlyFans star Tasha Paige accidentally falls pregnant while filming content

"It all caught up with me."

OnlyFans creator Tasha Paige, who last year made headlines for her huge $176,000 tax bill, has posted a new TikTok showing a positive pregnancy test.

A shocked Tasha waves the positive test to the camera before saying "I'm pregnant, happy new year" as well as saying "It all caught up with me".

Gold Coast OnlyFans star Tasha Paige
Gold Coast OnlyFans star Tasha Paige has announced she's pregnant.

The 23-year-old skyrocketed to stardom in 2023 with her TikTok videos, amassing over 11 million likes. She candidly shares her stories about finding men to film content with, her colourful sex life and having a ‘roster’ of men that she dates.

She also made headlines in 2023 for her enormous tax bill, which came in at $176,000, substantially over the $18,200 tax-free threshold.

"It's annoying when [the government] are like, 'Oh, you guys have to pay GST now' when we're not actually, you know, selling a product per se. That kind of shows that they see us as a product because we earn by selling ourselves online," she told Yahoo Finance.


Tasha's shock pregnancy

Tasha has not addressed if she will be continuing the pregnancy, with Yahoo Lifestyle being told Tasha is currently unsure if she will keep the baby or not.

"She knows who the father is and she's told him that she's pregnant," Tasha's rep said. "They're not together, but they're all amicable and will make a decision together."

Tasha's followers are flooding her TikTok comments, equally confused for the OnlyFans star.

“So we running to the clinic orrrr?” one person said. “Congrats?” another commented.

"Whatever you decide, remember it's your body, your choice," another supportive person commented, with another saying, "Well, whatever you do just make sure you’re happy."

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