OnlyFans creator details 'hall pass' rules from husband: 'No jealousy'

"Me sleeping with other men was the next logical step."

It's not every day your spouse gives you a 'hall pass' but that's exactly what happened for OnlyFans creator Layla Kelly, who's shared the unique relationship terms that she and her husband have agreed to in order for her to create some spicy content.

The New Zealand creator, 33, said there's "no jealousy" involved when it comes to her line of work, saying that her husband was cool with her sleeping with other men.

“Recently we had a discussion and decided that me sleeping with other men was the next logical step to take my content to a new level, and he’s super cool with it!" she shared.

“We’ve been together for 17 years, so my husband is pretty secure in our relationship. If at any point he didn’t want me to go ahead with anything I wouldn’t have, but it hasn’t been an issue so far.”

OnlyFans star Layla Kelly
OnlyFans star Layla Kelly. Photo:

The rules

Speaking on how they agree to which people Layla can sleep with, she said the pair discuss “what the person [she] is collaborating with is able to offer.”

“We always ask ourselves - how is this collaboration going to benefit me? I wouldn’t go and film with someone who doesn’t have a platform or isn’t able to give me exposure, because if that was the case I could just use my husband," Layla explained.


On her most recent extramarital collaboration, Layla explained that she picked someone ‘quite different to her husband, physically’, to give her audience some more variety.

Layla’s first-ever collaboration took place on a solo trip to Australia, where she visited several cities, video-chatting with her partner before and after creating OnlyFans content to check in on how he was feeling.

Upon arriving home, Layla and her husband will watch and edit the content together where she says there’s "no jealousy".

“He loves watching the content I make with others. He really enjoys it. I’m so grateful for his support, and we’re already thinking about who could be a good fit for my next collaboration!”

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