OnlyFans' Annie Knight calls out double standards in the industry: 'Infuriates me'

“I’m trying to show the world that you can be a sexual woman and still have morals."

OnlyFans star Annie Knight, 26, has called out the double standards within the adult industry after being labelled Australia's "most sexually active woman".

The creator is one of Australia's most famous OnlyFans stars, and has now given an interview stating that the double standards in the industry when it comes to gender is "appalling".

The OnlyFans star said she's slept with 300 people in the past 12 months and revealed in October last year that she was earning up to $150,000 a month, with subscribers paying $14.99 for her content.

OnlyFans creator Annie Knight
OnlyFans creator Annie Knight. Photo:

Now in an interview with, Annie has said male porn stars don't receive the same backlash and abuse as their female counterparts.

“I’ve faced a lot of judgement and ridicule, but interestingly enough – and it infuriates me – is the double standards between men and women with the same jobs,” she said.

“I have male sex worker friends who tell me they have never received a negative comment in the entirety of their careers, even after receiving millions and millions of views.

“Men praise them but look down on us women even though we do the same work. It’s appalling.”

Annie has said she's now determined to push back against the stigma surrounding "hypersexual women".


“I’ve always been an honest person, so I own it. I think a lot of people think it is a derogatory statement, but I’m trying to break the stigma that hypersexual women are not worthy of respect," she said.

“I’m trying to show the world that you can be a sexual woman and still have morals, intelligence, self-esteem and self-respect.”

Last year, Annie proved to her fans how much she was earning after being accused of "lying" about her finances.

"I had a feeling I'd get some haters saying that I'm lying, so here's a screenshot of the last 30 days, this is from the 19th of September to the 19th of October, I’ve made $104,000 USD," she shared in a TikTok video. "That’s about $160,000 AUD in the past 30 days."

"I expect that to go up once we get the full month of October... I expect that to be around $134,000 USD, which is about $200,000 AUD. Which is exactly what I said. So, am I lying? No."

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